My Quest for a Cure by: Dr. Thomas Anderson

I was a healthcare professional, yet I could find no help for my own condition.

After a seemingly healthy childhood and adolescence, I experienced a severe downturn.  In my early twenties I became ill with frequent infections and took repeated doses of antibiotics in an effort to get well.  I had stomach pains and became fatigued and depressed.  I felt weak overall in a way that just didn’t make sense.

I pushed myself to stay physically active by working out and playing tennis.  I took steps to see that I was eating well.  But my health did not improve.

The various medical doctors I consulted all told me the same thing : my blood tests were normal.  Frustrated, I turned to a number of alternative healers, with little relief.

Years went by.  My frustration increased because I knew I wasn’t feeling or functioning nearly as well as I should be.  I finally found myself traveling to see anyone who offered any clue as to why I didn’t feel well.

Eventually I visited with a doctor in Denver, Colorado, who suggested I test for allergies.  I told him that I wasn’t allergic to anything.  I didn’t have hay fever, skin rashes,  hives, or any of the other common allergy symptons.  He looked at me and said “You’ve had every other test.  Let’s do this one.”  So I tested for allergies.

Two days later I had the results: I was a universal reactor!  I was reacting to almost every food and chemical I tested for, with the exception of pollens.  I finally had my explanation for feeling ill for so long.  However, the doctor could not treat my food allergies and merely suggested I avoid those foods I tested allergic to.  I learned quicly that medical doctors could offer no cure for food allergies–only prescription medication for symptoms.

I also learned one other important lesson: a highly allergic physical body may manifest its distress through illness rather than through more commonly recognized allergy symptoms.

A year went by.  I continued to search for answers.  One day a professional colleague told me about NAET and that it was a method of curing allergies, even food allergies!  “Yeah, sure,” I responded, and walked away.  I knew better.  After all, I was a doctor who had thoroughly looked into allergy treatments.

Another year went by, and we met again.  This time she handed me the NAET book “Say Good-Bye to Illness” and told me to read it.  I soon read about people like me who were getting healthy after NAET treatments. 

Suddenly I was interested.

I decided to enroll in a NAET class taught by founder Dr. Devi Namburdripad.  I also began treatments for my own allergies, and after twelve treatments I noticed I was beginning to feel better.  I continued with NAET until my allergies were gone–for good!

I knewI had found something extraordinary that few people knew about, and I wanted to use it to help others.  I took every advanced training course offered at Dr. Devi’s clinic and then began teating some of my chiropractic patients with NAET.  Soon I began duplicating my astonishing results with others.  Today, 90% of my patients receive both NAET and Chiropractic Care.

Dr. Thomas Anderson, D.C.
4568 S. Highland Drive, #340
Holladay, Utah 84117

Dr. Thomas Anderson will be lecturing at Alternative Medicine-Live which will be held April 4-5, 2008 in Salt Lake City.  For more information or tickets contact:

Dr. Anderson was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended high school in Illinois and Michigan, and then attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in science and as a doctor of chiropractic.  He has practiced chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1984. For many years he ran primarily a musculoskeletal chiropractic practice; i.e. neck pain, back pain, headache pain, etc. In 1996 he took the first course from Dr. Devi Nambudripad in NAET. He subsequently has attended every course that Dr. Devi has offered including all the advanced courses and all of the symposiums. Dr. Anderson continues to do chiropractic work in the office for those patients who have musculoskeletal pain and the modalities include chiropractic adjustment, massage, trigger point therapy, and physical therapies. However, feeling passionate about the value of
the NAET work, Dr. Anderson has introduced that work to any patient who presents to the office and probably eighty percent of those patients are also receiving the NAET treatments. note-“I would personally like to express my thanks and gratitude
to Dr. Devi Nambudripad for discovering and teaching this technique to clear allergies.  Because of her work I have finally been able to regain my health. I now also have the deep satisfaction of having the tools to enable my patients to also regain their health.”

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