Suzanne Hoggan 

VISION  To prove that being nice evokes a feeling of well-being  and promotes true inner beauty.

  Suzanne Hoggan

PURPOSE  To promote simple universal values (SUVs) that everyone understands and embraces:We all matter and can aspire to make a positive difference by taking  the smallest of steps.

We are sowing the seeds today that will create a powerful force to bring about positive life changes for future generations.

We want to make a difference in the world that will improve the daily lives of others and make them more positive.

We want to strive for equality.

CORE VALUES  Abundance — Create wealth in all aspects of life, be rich in love and kindness, be accepting.Kindness —
  Be guileless, be nice, treat people well, show compassion, be gracious, be generous, have only the best of intentions,
  be thoughtful and accepting.

Happiness —
  Have joy, laugh, engage in good humor, be optimistic, be content.

Humor — Be playful, funny, light, witty, and happy

Family — Create a unit that loves, cares for, nurtures, and supports each other.

Suzanne & Walter  Phone: 1-877-777-3024  
Website: Niceology Planet

Submitted by Derrick Walker  Alternative Medicine – Live!

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