The StimTrainer

The StimTrainer™ is a patent pending Bio-Tune-Up™ device. The StimTrainer™ enhances strength and power, speed and agility, stretch and flexibility. Our bodies get out of tune due to a lack of appropriate exercise and injury resulting in a loss of normal flexibility. The StimTrainer’s™ leading-edge technology creates better tone, balance and strength, accelerated muscle memory and flexibility.

Our files are full of testimonials from people who thought they would never again be able to regain their range of motion, some even having spent years in therapy and spending many thousands of dollars. Now, for the first time, you can re-train your muscle function in a fraction of the time conventional therapies require and gain more integrated function and performance than you can with any technology on the market today. This is cutting edge performance as it has never been experienced before.” Dr. Tom Grant, inventor.
Andy Schnieder :PGA Member and Golf Professional 30 yrs. I have used a number of different training aids and by far the StimTrainer is the best. What is allows me to do is create more club head speed through flexibility and the ability to create a longer golf swing, And it allows me to repeat my swing which every golfer wants to learn and do for more distance and accuracy.

Austin Tilton :15 year old tennis player.

It’s an amazing muscle memory tool. The way I played – it was remarkable for the second time using it. It was like my muscles knew what to do. It also helped my flexibility. I have never been able to touch my toes. The first time (used the StimTrainer) I was able to put my hands completely on the floor.

Dell White :55, Certified Trainer, Body Builder, 4th in Mr. Universe, Italy

2000 Mr. Universe, Italy: 4th place Middleweight
1999 Mr. Universe, Germany: 4th place Middleweight
1999 Mr. Universe, Spain: 4th place Middleweight
ISSA Certified Trainer

It increased my flexibility and strength tremendously. It was quite amazing.
I have been a body builder for over 25 years. I can see the benefits to lifting and flexibility. I can see (the StimTrainer) benefiting everybody in every walk of life. I don’t see any barriers they couldn’t work through with the StimTrainer.

Donna Williams : Massage Therapist, Insurance Claims

It is an excellent device! I was having low back stiffness and flexibility problems. Using the StimTrainer my flexibility increased tremendously. I have a desk job so I sit all day. My low back gets tight, the back of my legs and hamstrings get tight and the StimTrainer definitely increased my flexibility and range of motion.
Gina Tilton : 46, Certified Trainer, Tennis Player

My first experience with the StimTrainer was amazing. I am not very flexible. When I would bend over I could get about 6 inches from touching my toes. The first time I used the StimTrainer I was able to put my fingers on the floor.

John O’Hara : 43, Body Builder, Electrician

It’s the difference between night and day. Stretching is usually the worst part of a workout ­ trying to get loosened up. The StimTrainer knocks that time down in half. It’s amazing. A big difference. The StimTrainer certainly makes your stretching a lot easier.

Hal Mealor : 47, Cyclist, Golfer, Runner, DJ

I am able to do things now life golf, cycling and running without any pain.
I have been working out with the StimTrainer for about 6 months. Through the core exercises and the use of the StimTrainer I am able to play golf again and actually play better now than before. My cycling is going great also. I have really enjoyed the progress that I’ve been able to make through the use of the StimTrainer. I did not have to come up through Florida to find the Fountain (of Youth) It came through the StimTrainer!

Sherri Irvin : 49, Company Owner

From the very first use of the StimTrainer I saw an increase in flexibility.
In one session I was able to double my weight in upper body presses and that was pretty astounding. My recovery time has significantly decreased. The StimTrainer can improve a person’s adaptation to stress levels and I have slept better. I was able to mentally concentrate and make my body do something that I otherwise don’t think it would have done.

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Alternative Medicine – Live!

Dr. Thomas Grant was a key lecturer for Alternative Medicine-Live! on November 10, 2007 in Park City, Utah.
Dr. Grant’s website for StimTrainer is:

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