Testimonial letter from Salt Lake Tribune reporter.

Dear Derrick,

 Recently sorting through last year’s articles I wrote for the Salt Lake Tribune, I came upon the one entitled “Health Summit Draws Crowds,” that I wrote about the Alternative Health Summit you organized and presented.  Reading it over, I was reminded of what an exceptional opportunity it was for me to get to know you and talk with many of the event-goers and exhibitors.

 I recall being so impressed with how passionate the exhibitors were, as well as with your genuine enthusiasm to make a positive difference in people’s lives. There was so much to learn, I remained at the Summit throughout the afternoon and into the evening—something I’ve never done before when I’ve gone out on assignment.

 As a former teacher, not only did I come back with a great respect for the work you do,   but with an appreciation for the non-traditional health treatments that lie out there just waiting to be  explored.   You make it possible for people to tap into this, and uncover alternative practices and products for their physical ailments that cannot be found within the realm of conventional medicine. You make it possible for them to connect with practitioners who might help them find answers, revive their hope, and better their lives.  With that said, I hope that you will be holding another Salt Lake summit in November, as you intimated last year.   If you do, I will tell all my friends about it. By the way, I never did compliment you on the excellent job you did donning so many hats, meeting the needs of exhibitors, lecturers and attendees—all the while being the perfect host to me.

Based on the superb job you did orchestrating last year’s event, I’m sure this year’s Summit will be another important, enlightening and educational event not to miss.
I wish you good health and success in your service to others. Thank you for opening the doors of medicine and science for so many people who are unable to do it for themselves.
Wendy Frank
Correspondent-Salt Lake Tribune

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