i-Health Holistic Services


The world is undergoing an awakening. There is now proof that the core of our
essence consists of pulsating energies. Science has termed these energies subatomic
particles. These energetic frequencies are vibrations of sound, light and color.
This comprehensive understanding about life is the basis of our work. Being awakened
to our purpose, coupled with our knowledge of light and sound frequencies, we
realize that this work is essential to the creation and the preservation of our
world. We can make a difference! As we consciously activate and re-pattern our
own frequencies, we have the potential to reach out, to make life better and to
make it happier.


The physical strength and vitality of the body is essential to growth,
development: and function on all levels. As the continuum of life occurs, the
general concept of aging and deterioration plagues the body along with such things
as pollution, pathogens and allergens. i-Health has the capacity with a galvanic
skin resistance testing system to determine conditions of excess depletion and
blockage in the energy system related to physical vitality. i-Health’s virtual
scans determine the frequencies that may be consequently missing, altered, disconnected or discharged as these life experiences occur. Our state of the art scanning device is designed with dozens of specific frequencies to assess the body’s energetic
needs. Our new interactive zapper can detect the appropriate frequency patterns
required to support the body when exposed to viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus,
or other pathogenic ailments. As we render these frequencies to the energetic
meridian points or chakras, the body’s energy system can come into balance. When
the body is given a correct environment, it can heal.


Emotional patterns are evident in the human experience. As we begin to see these
negative patterns of dysfunction manifest, we notice the physical component that
accompanies the distress. Bio-feedback studies are acknowledging the correlations
between stress in physical body and emotional trauma. i-Health practitioners can
measure the stress with their state of the art meridian testing devices.Traumatic
experiences attach themselves to specific frequencies or energies. These energies
create patterns that the brain begins to recognize as normal. People become addicted
to the pattern whether it be drama, depression, stress, anxiety or worry. They
begin to identify themselves with their emotions. i-Health has the frequencies
to break up these energetic patterns and bring to the client a conscious choice.
Generally there is an underlying negative core belief associated with these habitual
patterns of dysfunction that formed during childhood. i-Health has the protocol
to banish the negative core belief permanently


Posted by Derrick Walker : Alternative
Ben Higley will be lecturing on Friday, April 4, 2008
at 4:00 – 5:00 PM. His topic will be exploring i-Health healing solutions and
he is one of the featured presenters at Alternative Medicine-Live! a two-day conference
on alternative medicine and healing in Salt Lake City, Utah April 4-5, 2008. Alternative
Medicine – Live! will be held at the University Park Marriot. For more information
and tickets call 800-498-5640.

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