Joan Schwartz, Ph.D., Theta Healer


  Joan Schwartz, Ph.D.

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Alternative Healing
Certified Medical Hypnotherapist
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Medical Intuitive
Theta Healer

Energy dynamics has always been of interest to me since the beginning of my early childhood. I have always been able to see patterns of energy around things, people, plants and animals and in the space we call air and in conversations with people.  As I would listen to people talk I could hear their frequencies, feel their vibrations and patterns of energy would form deep within me and I could kinesthetically feel people’s emotions, pain, trauma and their past history and sometimes I could see their future events and at times I could see their physical ailments and the causes, which got me into a lot of trouble because I would say things that were inappropriate at that time, things that some people could not understand or comprehend which caused me to shut down these abilities for many years with the exception of using my gifts with animals.

I was drawn into hypnosis by an automobile accident.  Trying to heal and overcome pain from the accident and I went to an orthopedic doctor in 1965 in Lake Oswego, Oregon, who before operating on his patients would have them go through four sessions of hypnosis first.  In those sessions, the doctor taught me how to hypnotize myself for pain relief and for muscle relaxation.  Because of these techniques I never did have the surgery which would have fused discs in my neck permanently.  Later using these same techniques I delivered my fifth child.  Using self hypnosis my son’s birth was painless and did not require the use of anesthetics.  

Later I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband and children.  My marriage was not working out and was extremely stressful; I became ill with adrenal gland failure.  I asked the Lord for help in knowing how to heal myself and was given information on how to heal the body and was told to study everything I could on physics and atoms as this was the law upon which all laws are predicated.  And this led me into studying the healing arts and eventually into getting a divorce.

My first introduction into any kind of formal hypnosis was through Alpha Awareness training with Wally Minto, and I attended his seminars and workshops with my children. Later, I attended Silva Mind Control with Jose Silva and my interest was peaked, and for several years I enjoyed the use of hypnosis strictly as a hobby.

While I was working as a bill collector for a medical clinic in Salt Lake City, I found that using some of the techniques I had learned in the hypnosis classes enabled me to collect the debts owed to the doctors much faster, and as I was not satisfied with my line of work, (wanting to do something more satisfying and useful for people), I decided to develop my interest of hypnosis into a profession. 

I began my own hypnotherapy practice doing weight control and stop smoking sessions, and as my private practice grew over the years, it developed into seminars called the “Harmonious Conversions of Life”. I called myself a transitional therapist as I was using different modalities of healing in my practice besides hypnosis and found that the talents and abilities that I had all my life was very valuable as a hypnotist and as a energy healer.  I was working in several states and at the same time continuing my education, taking every class that would further my skills in energy work and hypnotherapy and natural healing.

I once again became ill, do to burn out and fatigue, (now I know I had post traumatic stress syndrome).  I remarried and at that time and took time out to heal myself, as I knew my own emotional issues were causing my illness.  I decided not to do therapy anymore which made me miserable and unhappy. My marriage was not working which was very stressful and felt that I was totally off my path as I was working as a under cover auditor in chain stores from a company out of Virginia. My job was very stressful due to that kind of work and pressure that accompanied it.

I decided to divorce again and moved to San Diego, California.  The day after I arrived in California I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage in the deepest part of the brain.  I was fortunate to be alive as not too many people recover from this kind of hemorrhage and was in intensive care and hospitalized for a while. But, this has been truly one of the greatest experiences in my life, and it definitely put me back on my path.  (It took a real knock on the head)

The day I left the hospital my journey in the healing world began again.  I went to a physic workshop being carried into class on a stretcher by my friends for several weeks until I could walk on my own.  I was surrounded by some of the best healers in the area, wonderful healers, and many friends which helped me heal the damage to my left brain. Through hypnosis my brain was remapped so that my left brain could function normally again. To heal myself it took everything I had ever learned in the healing arts and what I had received through divine guidance years before.  During the healing process I continued my education and got my PhD in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.

I recently returned to Utah to be close to my children where I met Mindy Haile as an instructor for Theta Healing.  In getting acquainted with Mindy and Theta Healing I was truly guided, as the information on healing that was given to Vianna Stibal is so similar to what I was given many years ago.

I have a great appreciation for the newly developing field of medical intuition.  I strongly feel that we can heal ourselves and our families from many of the illness that we are suffering today, especially our environmental issues.  I also have a great appreciation for our medical doctors and hospitals.  I definitely feel that both the medical doctors and the alternative healing modalities can work together and not against each other in healing the illness of humanity, both physically and emotionally.

Because of the experiences I went through healing my own brain; I have decided rather than developing a private practice again I would like to teach others how to heal themselves so that they too may find peace of mind and healing as I have in my life.

Posted by Derrick Walker : Alternative Medicine-Live!

Dr. Joan Schwartz will be lecturing on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 5:00 – 6:00 PM.  Her topic will be on alternative healing solutions  and she is one of the featured presenters at Alternative Medicine-Live! a two-day conference on alternative medicine and healing in Salt Lake City, Utah April 4-5, 2008. Alternative Medicine – Live! will be held at the University Park Marriot. 
For more information and tickets call 800-498-5640. 

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