Complementary Alternative Medicine – An Idea Whose Time Has Come by Dr. Mary Zennett

 Complementary Alternative Medicine consists of many preventive health measures. In other words, a proactive person who thinks about their health, seeks to engage in habits that will minimize the risk of illness. Great examples include a healthy diet, fitness, drinking plenty of clean water and attention to the reduction of exposure to environmental toxins.

Philosophically, there is little to argue about for the maintenance of good preventative health habits. These problems are largely related to living in a fast paced world that doesn’t promote these habits. Our lifestyles, in fact, seem to promote lack of health as evidenced by fast food, stress, insufficient time to relax or engage in enrichment activities, not to mention lack of time for fitness or lack of time for healthy relationships.

Many people get introduced to healthy habits and lifestyles only after they have taken ill. The need to eat well is vital for an individual with heart disease or diabetes. And these are but 2 examples.

The incidence of chronic illness is skyrocketing at an exponential rate. 10 years ago there were virtually no autoimmune disorders. Yet today, we all know friends and family members, if not ourselves, who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and the like. The incidence of cancer, even in children, continues to escalate out of control. Psychotropic medications are being prescribed to both adults and children at increased rates.

Ask anyone with a chronic health challenge: a proactive commitment to health is a must. Many with chronic health challenges experience tremendous rejuvenation with any ongoing commitment to healthy life choices.

Quality food choices, fitness and nutritional supplements combined work towards a healthy lifestyle in body, mind and spirit. Many engage a life coach to help develop these new habits. There are some growing pains involved in the transformational efforts required to build a healthy life.

Healthy living also involves a combination of these life strategies with the treatments recommended by our conventional doctors. Literally millions of us take or have taken some sort of medication, as well as many of us have had surgeries.

Part of any Complementary Health approach involves knowledge about what natural products can be taken with conventional medications. This also means having a thorough discussion with one’s primary care doctor or cardiologist about designing a complementary fitness routine.

Complementary health approaches, such as natural supplements are not designed to cure, treat or mitigate disease, Treatment takes place between an individual and their physician. We hope, however, by being open to complementary/alternative medicine,you and your doctor may facilitate the creation of optimal health decisions for you.

We wish you the best of health!

Citizens for Health Reform is a grassroots health empowerment initiative promoting patient centered strategies that integrate natural health into mainstream medicine. Data from a FREE ONLINE HEALTH SURVEY will educate legislators and the public at large. Please visit: 

Dr. Mary Zennett (Dr. Mary Z) is a Doctor of Medicine and a student of health reform for many years.

Founder of Citizens for Health Reform, she is committed to improving the health status of Americans through education and empowerment.

Dr. Mary Z travels and lectures on health reform across the United States.

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