The Pettibon System™

The Pettibon System™ is a proven spine and posture correction methodology that, along with providing pain relief, restores normal spinal form and function. It is an extensively researched, viable alternative to physical therapy and in many cases surgery.

Through meticulous evaluation and comparison to researched biomechanical norms, a global postural and spinal strengthening care plan is tailor-made for each patient. Personalized programs are designed to restore, as closely as possible, your optimal spinal form and function. This ensures a decrease in related pain and symptoms, as well as a greater ability to prevent spine, disc and nerve related issues.

You actively participate in your care – both in our office and at home! When you come to the office, you will not sit passively waiting to be seen, and home rehabilitation care is absolutely critical for your spinal correction.

The Pettibon Weighting System™

This system consists of specially designed head, shoulder and hip weights, usually worn for 15-20 minutes twice daily during the beginning of care.

Wearing the weights causes new postural information to be sent to the brain, altering the body’s positioning. Over time, the brain acclimates to holding the head and body in a new, more ideal alignment.

The weights force weak postural muscles to perform isometric exercises, restoring muscle strength, endurance, and balance. The result is a stronger body accustomed to holding its corrected posture with decreased irritation to nerves, ligaments, discs, joints and muscles.

Isometric Exercises

There are two important groups of muscle: phasic and postural. Weight lifting and aerobic exercise work our phasic (movement) muscles. However, these workouts have little effect on our postural (support) muscles.

Postural muscle strength is built through isometric exercise, which involves pushing against a force that moves very slowly or not at all. The weighting system and linked exercise trainer provide the isometric exercise to strengthen postural muscles and thereby improve your alignment while decreasing stress on joints.

Three Phases Of Care

Phase I- Initial Intensive Care

Initial Intensive Care lasts approximately 6 weeks. During this phase of care, we focus on symptom relief, improving normal spinal curves, and starting spinal balancing. You receive training on your home care equipment and procedures and visit the office 2 to 4 times each week. Your home care exercises during this phase of care involve about 15-20 minutes of activity twice each day.

You will be introduced to the routine of an office visit: warm-up exercises and stretching; functional, neurological and postural examinations by the doctor; spinal adjustment* based on the examinations and your x-rays.

At the end of Initial Intensive Care, you are re-x-rayed and re-examined to assess your progress and readiness for the next phase of care.

* In the Pettibon System™, a spinal adjustment is performed to provide a temporary increase in joint mobility so that the rehabilitative exercises can take advantage of this increased range of motion. You receive a spinal adjustment only if you need the increase in joint mobility

Phase II – Rehabilitation and Correction

During this phase of care, we work toward achieving optimal spine correction. This usually requires 1 to 2 rehabilitation sessions in the office each week and spinal adjustments when indicated for approximately 12 weeks. You’ll continue your home care exercises.

At the end of Rehabilitation and Correction, you are re-x-rayed and re-examined to assess your progress and readiness for the next phase of care.

Phase III – Wellness Care

In this phase, we strengthen, maintain and/or enhance your spine and posture correction. This typically requires 1 rehab session weekly for 1 to 3 months. For several additional months, in most cases, you visit the office twice monthly for a full postural muscle workout and receive a spinal adjustment, if required, followed by wearing your prescribed Pettibon System™ weights.

Testing Before Acceptance for Care

Those who consult us are not automatically accepted for care. We must first determine if and how you will respond to care. Between 15 – 20% of people tested lack the strength and endurance required to go directly into corrective (initial intensive) care. If this is so for you, we will guide you through a rehabilitation program to strengthen your postural muscles before going on to spinal correction.

Who Can Benefit?


Chiropractic is based on a deep respect for the body’s ability to heal itself and express a vast degree of health potential. Having a nerve system free of irritation is an extraordinarily simple, powerful and practical wellness solution that can improve health in every aspect of one’s life with no deleterious side effects. Whether for an existing condition or general wellness, everyone can benefit from chiropractic care.

In our clinical experience, the following have responded well to chiropractic care:

Asthma and Sinusitis
Anxiety and Stress
Chronic Headaches
Digestive Disturbance
Fatigue and Insomnia
Herniated or Bulging Discs
Inflexibility and Deteriorating Posture
Menstrual Difficulties
Neck and Back pain
Poor Immune Response
Shoulder, Leg and Arm Pain

Kids and Chiropractic
Many of the parents for whom we care bring their children in regularly to maintain their child’s spine and nerve system health. Poor immune response (chronic colds, coughs, sore throats), ear infections, scoliosis, playground injuries, sleep issues, bedwetting, colic, ADD/ADHD, some learning disorders, cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, ashthma and allergies are some of the health issues to which children under our care have had good responses.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic
We specialize in pregnancy care and have extensive experience with addressing all of the discomforts that women face during the various stages of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Chiropractic provides greater comfort and flexibility, helps to maintain energy, and eases spinal, lower back and leg pain. Our work can also foster optimal alignment of the pelvis which can provide for a shorter, easier delivery; and when needed, we can utilize specific turning procedures for breach presentations.

Contact Walker Chiropractic to learn more.

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Dr. Casey Walker will be a guest speaker at Alternative Medicine-Live! April 4-5, 2008.  For more information, contact Alternative Medicine-Live! at 800-498-5640.

Submitted by Derrick Walker : Alternative Medicine-Live!

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  1. fallengirl on

    The Pettibon System did wonders for me. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago at the age of 19 and suffered beyond words. I tried everything but nothing worked for me. I go to the point that I was in a wheelchair and was even sent to the Mayo Clinic. All I could ever get anyone to do for me was prescribe more medication. I finally came a cross a chiropractor in Western KY that used the Pettibon System. After the first treatment people could say they could see a difference in me. Now after 3 years I have been completely off all medications, pain free, and back to living a full life. My medical doctor that I went to was amazed by how fast I turned around and was able to be off my medication that she began to look into using the System in her practice.

    I would love to have a list of doctors/chiropractors/therapist that uses the system as I have moved out of the Western KY area and run into many other people that suffer from Fibromyalgia or similar ailments that I wish that they could try this out. One thing I do tell everyone that starts on the system is to do your home rehab treatment. My chiropractor sent me home with a wobble chair, weights for the head and shoulder, and the molding pads. I do believe that this really makes the differences.

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