i-Health Testimonials

Testimonials for i-Health

In January, 2006 Julia came to San Diego, CA and together we showed I-Health to a number of people. One of them was Vincent Gammill, Director of The Center for Natural Oncology in Solono Beach. He works in conjunction with a clinic in Mexico directing people with cancer to alternative therapies. While there, Julia and I met and worked with Vicki, a 30year old woman who has had breast cancer f or the past three years.

Vicki is the mother of two young sons and my heart went out to her. I did not want her sons to grow up without a mother. I have been giving her I-Health sessions since that time. In the past six months she has had a total of 15 sessions. Her health has greatly improved and she has gained back some of the weight she lost. She is traveling this summer and possibly moving. After our last session she gave me some beautiful orchids and the following letter:

I have been so blessed to be at the right place at the right time. By chance, I was introduced to Kathleen Petryshyn and the I-Health system. My health was rapidly declining due to advanced breast cancer. Kathleen took me under her wing and together we began a healing journey.

I-Health is somewhat of a mystery to me as to how it works. I can’t explain it, but I am certain that it has contributed to regaining my health. I experienced positive results immediately. My overwhelming emotions seemed to dissipate and my body began to reverse the disease process and heal. I have regained my energy and positive outlook on life and physically, my symptoms have disappeared. I am so very thankful for the chance encounter that has contributed to saving my life. Thank you Kathleen from the bottom of my heart.”

Vicki, San Diego, CA.



Aloha and Merry Christmas to you from Hawaii!

I too am very blessed. I thought the 2nd story was mine. I had a bilateral mastectomy and my left side kept growing scar tissue to the point it wasn’t comfortable at all. After the 3rd surgery on my left side, I tried IHealth and I went from “the patient who had more scar tissue than any other patient…. to the only patient who had no scar tissue” my doctor used the words “amazing” 3 times in my meeting with him. I also have Crohns Disease which is now in remission.

Also my husband has ALS (diagnosed 16 months ago) who had first IHealth treatment May 2005. He was in a wheelchair and had his oxygen tank with him when he had his first treatment. (we had home health monitoring him from the hospital, teletypist through our phone & doctor said we should have Hospice…. ) Well my husband is no longer in a wheelchair, on oxygen only when he sleeps and has had IHealth treatment 2-4 times a month and all of his doctors are AMAZED. He has a good quality of life and it is all because of IHealth. Doctors said he had months… He can walk around the house daily… occasionally drives a short distance and no longer drools, drop things and fall. He shakes but speech is clear and articulate. There are many other stories we are only one couple that has seen life as a blessing and no longer a curse. Where should these stories go…? Is there any way we can document these health miracles?




I have a number of clients that I am working with. One very incredible story demonstrates the possibilities – virus-wise. My client called to cancel her appointment…. She didn’t want to expose me to the “bug” that had been bugging her for two weeks. Her symptoms were: nasal congestion, ears plugged, abdominal cramps, black stools, excruciating low back pain. I did a zap scan and only ten minutes into the zap series…. She began experiencing relief from her symptoms:

Here is her testimonial……

“I arrived at Suzanne’s Studio for a Rolfing session and was soooo sick to my stomach with flu-like symptoms: pale, queasy stomach, no energy, diarrhea….. like I had never had before. Upon my arrival, she suggested something that might help called “zapping”. She asked me to rate how I felt on a scale of 1-10 and I said, zero! I couldn’t really feel anything as far as electric current, but felt energized after the session. Color had come back into my face, upset stomach had settled down considerably and back pain diminished.

At the end of the session she asked me to rate how I felt, again on a scale of 1-10. I said 7.
I am excited about this kind of technology. I have never liked taking medications and feel this is a really natural way to resolve soooo many ailments having to do with our bodies.”Robin K.
Marco Island, FL


“My daughter was in a terrible car accident and was in a coma for several months. Julia Linford spent hours working with her and she has showed incredible progress. Each time the doctors would mention the need for surgery, she would go to work, only to hear from the doctors the next day that each surgery wouldn’t be necessary. The results have been remarkable.”

LeAnn Talbot

Roy, UT.



Knee pain:

Hello Tracy: I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how impressed I am with the recent I-health treatments I had received from you.

I had very uncomfortable knee joint pain for several months and neither health supplements for joints nor Physio Therapy sessions since Summer 2005 had relieved the pain. I had an I-health treatment with you on December 14, 2005 and within a couple of days, the pain in my left knee completely disappeared, while the pain in my left knee had been reduced significantly. I then had another treatment with you on ecember 21 which reduced the pain in my right knee by about 80% within a couple of days. On January 4th,  I had another treatment with you and within a few days, the pain had completelysubsided in my right knee and as of the time I am writing this on January 9, has not returned.

I must say that I am very impressed with you and your I-Health machine along with other considerable areas of knowledge you seem to have, pertaining to alternative health and healing options. Please feel free to pass this information along to others who may be experiencing similar challenges as I had.

With much appreciation for your healing assistance;
Bill Tanghe
Okotoks, Alberta


I was in the United States Army for four years on a number of real world deployments which included time in Afghanistan and Iraq.  My duties forced me to take other lives and I was left with learning to deal with that after leaving the military.

During the last year of service I began to experience nightmares and cold sweats about previous experiences I had been in.  In hindsight now I realize my behavior had extremely changed.  I wasn’t as compassionate as before, I had an underlying anger, I couldn’t focus on an idea and take it to fruition, I was very short tempered and had absolutely no patience for anything or anyone.

After moving home to Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to meet Julia Linford and thank her in person for healing me.  My mom had asked her to give me a session using her new I-Health machine.  Mom was convinced I was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I agreed to the session.

Julia had me lie down on her massage table while she hooked me up to the I-Health machine.  She explained what she was going to do and what the machine would do and we began.  I was very relaxed during the process and remember feeling clear headed which I had not felt in four years.  Julia asked me to remember the horrific memories, to bring them up and then release them.  I would remember the experience, see it and then it would just dissipate.  Afterward I was energized and was very clear on what I wanted to do.

I will begin the police academy in seven days and am looking forward to starting my new profession.  I am very grateful to Julia and the

I-Health machine for balancing me and bringing me back to normal.


Drew E. Albers



Dear Adrianna,

I must write to express my amazement at I-Health and what you have been doing for me with it. The change in my whole being from when I came yesterday and when I left is really impressive. Subtle but also definitive. Being released back into being from a stuck point, like some debris carried by a river that gets caught by a stone or root in its passage towards – well, the Light, of course. A kind of double sight: the immediate task, its requirements and intentions; but simultaneously what Myss may mean by the ‘symbolic view’, where the deep
archetypal structures are also evident, and one can comprehend and move with ease amongst the contrasting orders of time and space.

The simple version re I-Health is that by changing the organic flows, the deep structures of our being, experience, thought and narratives are changed. I find my experience of I-Health in a sense amazingly simple, that it makes elegant/eloquent sense and is phenomenally liberating. The sensation of release is very gentle. I see that each phase of the treatment is a step towards something being discovered. There is a sense in which it is shocking and can undercut the assumptions of Reason. But I find these steps suitable to our times, because we are so post-post-modern. We are in a new zone for sure, whatever level you look at. When we dead awaken, we see the passionate life that is all around us with new eyes. Whatever we call It, It sure does look after us Real Good!

So, liberated again into the knowing that wherever we are at in this very moment, it is the right place to be. All that occurs has it’s inner meaning for us, our job being to pay attention in every way we can. We always recognise and welcome when a shaft of light comes into us. And always return again to our capcity to learn and to do better next time. You know that old

Beckett quote: Failed Again. No Matter. Fail Again. Fail Better.

Thanks a lot. It’s got me re-orientated and getting on with the best I can.

Thanks for your innumerable aides – so interesting, isn’t it all!

Margaret xx


I am a 45 year old woman who had suffered from depression for the better part of 20 years. Initially, I abused alcohol and food in an attempt to self-medicate. I worked very hard in therapy and 12 step recovery programs to heal, and although I was able to address my substance abuse issues and achieve long-term sobriety, I still struggled with depression.After 16 years of suffering, I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 disorder and prescribed medications to address the depression and mood swings. These pharmaceutical solutions were very helpful at first, but after a year the positive effects began to wear off and I felt tired and washed out again. Fortunately, at that time I was introduced to the I-Health energy assessment system. I remember feeling very overwhelmed and exhausted and I wanted to explore some complimentary therapies. I had one introductory session with the I-Health system which I found to be very interesting, but I did not experience any noticeable shifts in mood or energy level. When I had my second session, however, I told the I-Health practitioner that I had been diagnosed with Bipolar and she administered a frequency that specifically addresses patterns related to Bipolar Disorder.

Several hours after the therapy session I couldn’t believe how much different I felt. My eyes, which had been stinging from excessive tearing due to stress, cleared up completely. In addition, I felt energized and motivated to work and play, waking up every morning at 6:00 am feeling enthusiastic about the day for weeks after that session. I also regained a sense of internal peace that I had not felt since my childhood – a time when I had been very happy. Soon afterwards I purchased a system and began using it in my psychotherapy practice. Now many of my clients have also experienced the positive, healing effects of the I-Health system. I am very grateful to the founders and staff of I-Health for all that they’ve done to change the quality of my life, and I hope others will have the chance to have a similar experience.


A very appreciative client and practitioner



May 15,2004
Felix Ornelas – 8/16/1944- AFT Treatments
Stroke l/s impaired 21/2 years ago
Rigid hand and arm, wears full calf brace but drags leg – needs walker for support
First treatment 2/4/2004

At completion of the first treatment, Felix’s hand opened. A great feat, because he has no use whatsoever of his left arm.

When Sharon arrived for second treatment Felix couldn’t wait to tell her that he could feel tempurature changes on left side.

4 AFT treatments were given, each time creating a little bit more function.

Fifth treatment was a raymedy scan, and that was when we started noticing a change in his energy and desire to get well. We have been doing sanotrons, chakratrons, emotrons.

I started noticing a growing positive attitude, his ability to comprehend, and his enthusiasm and determination to move his left hand and arm. He is now placing one foot in front of another and has cut his brace to half the size. He is asking the therapist at the gym to show him the strengthening exercises for his arm, so he could do it at home, and he does have the ability/strength to do these exercises.

Felix and I have great faith for his continued strength and ability for Felix to continue to recover. Oh yeah! Felix wants me to tell you about the seventh week, he suddenly opened his hand quickly and it fully opened. It was one time, but it gave Felix great hope, that next time he will be the one to control it completely.

Thank you,

RoseMarie Ornelas



The I-Health truly is an amazing machine. After the first treatment, I felt more focused and relaxed. After the second treatment I felt subtle changes and improvements in the little stiffness and aches and pains that tend to creep up on us after the age of 40. After the third treatment, there was noted improvement with the stiffness in my neck as well as from residual shoulder tightness from a car accident 25 years ago.

 After a total of 5 treatments, I’ve found myself thinking clearer than ever before, feeling an almost Zen like quality to my thoughts and with a greater focus and sense of direction and purpose. The stresses of the day no longer affect me, and I’ve been able to let go of long held past tensions and negative perhaps subconscious thoughts. Physically my muscles feel a greater sense of strength and I’m more aware of my body, rather than being disconnected.

For me the most dramatic change has been greater clarity of mind with a heightened intuitive insight as well as heightened senses overall. I no longer live for the past or in the future, and I live for today and in the moment. All of these things I say from the point of view of a person who lives a normal life and who’s generally positive and optimistic…. Or so I thought. After the I-Health treatments, I’ve embraced life with even greater fervor and I know that this machine is destined to better the well-being and health of all who use it.


Deborah Adams,
Long Beach, CA


I was sick for 7 months and the doctors could not even tell me what was wrong with me. I had every test they could run on me and spent over $16,000 on doctor bills. As a last resort I went to see Julia Linford and within 1 hour and for only $100 she told me she suspected that I had Gall Stones and what I could do to feel better. I was better in 3 days just like she said. I was skeptic of natural healing and energy work before seeing her and experiencing the I-health system. Now I am a believer in I-health when it comes to my health. Thank you Julia and I-Health. I would not be doing as well as I am without you!

Tyler Ross

Sheridan, Wyoming



My Story:

I remember thinking to myself, “How can this be? I’ve been in holistic health care for 12 years and I’ve taken good care of myself. Now you are telling me I have Lupus and Scleroderma. How can this be?”

I was sitting in the office of the top Rheumatologist in the city receiving a second opinion regarding the diagnosis of Lupus that my Holistic Practitioner had so freely given, when he floored me with a dual diagnosis, “Not only do you have Lupus, you definitely have Scleroderma as well!” I sat there with my family saying to myself, “How can this be?”

Four years ago life was completely different. I was a happy, healthy, vibrant woman in her prime.   I had just begun a new relationship; I owned my own massage therapy business which afforded me not only financial success but the flexibility to pursue my other passions of singing and dancing.   Life was great!

My relationship had progressed to the point we decided to share a place together. Being the strong healthy woman that I was, I decided that a move of only two blocks was something I could do by myself. Little did I know that the days of running up and down stairs moving one and two items at a time, in between my regular schedule of clients, was the beginning of my demise. The increased physical stress threw my body into Menopause, which began to affect all other areas of my life, including my new relationship. Constant fatigue, mood swings, and hourly hot flashes consumed every moment of my days and nights. Attempting to work a regular schedule became a challenge.

My health and lack of energy became my total focus. Against my better judgment, I went on natural hormones. I began a strict nutrition and exercise program, as well as trying all the new and best supplements for health and wellness. All the while continuing with my regular Chiropractic and Acupuncture visits but nothing seemed to help for more than a day or two.   My body seemed to decline. I began to exhibit an increase in symptoms and in my depleted state I was unable to understand my body’s communication. My morning walks became more and more difficult and I could no longer do the work I had done so well for the past 10 years.   I had to cut back my practice and take a part time job to supplement my income.   My beautiful life had become a living hell and still I didn’t have a clue how bad it could really be.

Even though constantly tired all the time I still tried to take care of myself. One of the jobs I had done for about six months, before no longer being physically able to maintain the physical pace, offered health benefits along with dental care through an HMO.   So when I started having dental pain during that time I decided to save money and use their Dentist instead of my regular Dentist. A year and a half later, I went to see my regular Dentist who after my exam and x-rays asked me how I had been feeling. When I told him I had been feeling awful for two years, he showed me on the x-ray a chronic infection in the tooth that I had been treated for by the HMO that had now spread to my entire jaw. After removing the tooth and doing a root canal I thought the problem would be solved. That was only the beginning of a down hill spiral.   

Due to my financial situation and my physical deterioration, I now found myself trapped in a situation within my relationship where emotionally, physically and spiritually, I had nothing left to give. Due to his kindness I remained in our home, but found his kindness a double edged sword. The energy between us became strained at best, and the constant stress continued to wear me down even more. No longer could I even find joy in my singing, let alone have the strength to dance. Depression set in and I became a recluse.

Through the urgings of my many well meaning friends and family I continued to try different health approaches. Radical diets, body work, cranial sacral work, homeopathy, acupuncture, and more, and my health still continued to decline. Concern began to turn to panic and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

I injured the middle finger on my right hand. Due to impaired circulation, which I now understand was the early onset of Raynauds Disease, infection set in. Even after multiple series of antibiotics, the nail had to be removed. The surgeon said that he regretted that I would never have a nail on that finger again but that was better than losing my hand. The pain was excruciating, even with powerful pain & anti-inflammatory medication. Repetitive antibiotic therapy was required to keep the infection under control. With so many pills all I was able to do is nibble little bites of food to try to keep the medication down. Nausea had become my constant companion. I began to try alternative treatments for the symptoms of the medications. That boomeranged and caused my whole digestive system to shut down; landing me in the hospital for endless tests because the doctors didn’t know what was causing the symptoms. Once out of the hospital I began to try holistic approaches to regain my strength. This was difficult at best because I still had    no desire for food of any kind let alone herbs and supplements.   

My weight was now at an all time low and my energy was even lower. It became impossible for me to care for myself, so now even my ego suffered as I had to ask for help for even the simplest things. Friends and family were my saving grace as they took turns allowing me to stay in their homes as they provided food and supervision. I had become totally dependant on others for care.

My depression deepened as I no longer even recognized myself. I couldn’t think, eat, sleep, let alone, drive, dress or bathe myself without assistance. If this was all that was left to my quality of life I no longer wanted any part of it.

The psychiatrist whose care I was now under kept changing my medication due to the severe reactions to each one she tried. The worst time of all was when my Psychiatrist and my Medical Doctor prescribed medications that clashed, causing me to have a psychotic break. I wound up restrained in the hospital psych ward for 10 days barely able to speak.   During that time somehow I found the strength to pray and ask for intervention. I found myself singing a song to God I had never heard and things began to shift. Days passed and I improved enough to be released only to find that I still couldn’t function in the world due to panic attacks and total fatigue.

A friend called to invite me to see a Doctor who was visiting her from out of state with a special machine that balances the body’s energies through ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic knowledge of Medicine and Space Age Technology. I told her I had tried everything else so I didn’t have high expectations.

I was amazed how easy the scan detected the areas of my body that needed support and how quickly my body responded to the therapy of the machine. Within 1 hour I began to feel a new strength awakening within. Only to have it wane again a few hours later. This was the first ray of hope I had experienced in over a year. The next day I returned for another session. This time the therapy seemed to hold better due to the machines ability to detect a pattern of what needed to be addressed. That night I slept like a baby for the first time in 3 years and woke the next morning with a renewed sense of hope. Returning the third day was the turning point. By the time I finished the session I felt as if someone had reconnected my energy supply. I was talking, laughing and animated. Later as I drove myself home from my session, singing to the radio, I realized what a joy I felt to have my voice back again. I felt alive again and I remember thinking, “I’m back!”

Shar-on Kleinbak

Los Angeles, CA



March 17, 2004

The morning after my first treatment I woke up refreshed for the first time in years. I slept like a baby.

Second treatments (1 week later) sleep still excellent no more nightmares – I have had them for years. Could this really be happening?

Third treatment, I have a general feeling of well being and more energy. I know these changes are real and not just my imagination.

Fourth treatment, as you know I have Macular Degeneration (dry form). While having breakfast I became aware that I could see objects more sharply. They did not have nearly as much fuzziness.   In addition, I did not need as much light to read.

A week or so later I had an examination by my Ophthalmologist. He saw no further degeneration no need for new stronger prescription glasses and no need for another appointment for six months!  

Fifth treatment, I am still sleeping well, no more nightmares. Energy level is increasing.   The feeling of well being is stronger. I have the feeling I could go back to work but I am fighting that one!

Sixth treatment, I am still improving in all areas.

Seventh treatment, I move more easily and can now walk better than I have for years! My wife is also very happy about my improvement. She says I can now take out the garbage, shop, cook and walk the cat!


Phil Lentz



I began treatments with Sharon approximately 6 weeks ago after hearing about the I-Health treatments from my stroke support group.

After the first AFT treatment I began feeling warmth and tingling on my affected side, which I had not felt for 18 months.

After the second AFT I felt more balanced and felt as if I was no longer leaning to the left. I also began feeling the sensation of pain on my affected side. Which I think is a good thing.

During the third AFT I could feel a pulsing in my affected hand and had the urge to try to open my fingers. After the treatment my hand was very relaxed and loose.

When we began the Raymedy scans, I began to feel as if I was able to lift my left foot better when I walked. I have an AFO which helps me to not drag my toes.  

After my second Raymedy scan, I was seen by my Physical Therapist and was told that she saw great improvement in my walking and that I should try not to use the AFO. I was very excited to hear this and did not wear my AFO for a day around the house and did very well.   I now have the confidence to trust my body.

I believe that I have benefited immensely, both physically and mentally, from this treatment and look forward to continuing with Sharon. I look forward to each treatment and believe that I progress after each treatment.


Cathy Solymar
Granada Hills, CA


I started having menopausal symptoms 2 years ago in the fall of 2003. Being a natural healthcare advocate, I turned to my health food store and began taking Black Kohosh, using yam creams, and increasing my soy product consumption. For about 5 months that worked to keep my moods up and stave off the hot flashes and incidious night sweats. Then in March of 2004 the night sweats became so severe that I counted up to 12 a night causing me to be severely sleep deprived. After much hounding by my sister and my doctor to let the pharmaceutical world help me, I tried Premarin in April of 2004. The night sweats stopped right away. I had recently lost 50 pounds and plateaued there for 7 months.

The first month on Premarin I gained 15 pounds – almost a pound every other day – following the same weight management protocol I had been for 2 years. I panicked and called my pharmacist friend – she said to stop the Premarin immediately. Of course, the hot flashes and night sweats returned even more severely. I tried Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy which slowed the hot flashes but I didn’t feel “right” and I still couldn’t lose any weight. I felt, in listening to myself, that I should stop all hormone replacement not knowing what my next step should be. Suffering from the night sweats for 2 months straight drove me to desparate feelings and I almost went back on the hormones again. Then a friend of mine, Kathleen Hoopes, mentioned a new energy technique that she was administering to clients that helped with all sorts of medical problems. Was I interested, she asked? Interested in anything that would help me get a night’s sleep without a Lortab and an Ambien combined! I had a full body scan done which pointed out some areas of blocked energy and areas that needed different treatments.

The scans indicated that I needed to add to my diet DHEA and Pregnonolene to give my body what it needed to balance my hormones itself. After following the protocols outlined from the scan during August and September of 2005, I can happily say that I haven’t had a hot flash or night sweat in weeks. They just faded away. My sleep patterns took a few weeks to return to normal so Kathleen administered a sleep protocol 3 nights in a row and I added Serotonin and Melatonin to my nighttime herbs and I’m sleeping 8 hours straight through most night. Thank you ihealthsolutions for getting this part of my body back into balance without drugs or surgery.

Deborah White
Perry, Utah



During my first session I did not experience much of anything, I thought that the process was neat as I was able to see the levels of energy (chi) of all my meridians and did not understand what I was looking at. Then only two days later I went to visit my father whom I had been very angry with and when I met up with him I found that I could remember why I was angry but the subject matter no longer held any power over me. I am so grateful for being able to have a great relationship with my father today.

Aric Finucane



In July of this year (2005) I was suddenly stricken with the most ferocious pain down my left thigh and knee. I went to a holistic chiropractor who, on my third visit to him, told me he couldn’t help me as my pain was too great for him to work on me.   He then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and I was given an MRI and the diagnosis of a herniated disk.   Surgery was discussed at that time which I was very reluctant to do, but the pain was so severe that I would have gone ahead with it eventually, if it meant I could get relief and function normally.

However, fortunately for me, a friend told me about the “I Health machine and I booked a session with Ms Sonja Kroll. Although the treatment itself initially cause me tremendous pain, as it continued I seemed to reach a crescendo and then it felt as though the pain was going down my leg and out of my foot. When the treatment was over, I was able for the first time in 5 weeks, to sit up virtually pain free. I had a second treatment a few days later and from then I improved in leaps and bounds. The next week I rejoined my water aerobics classes and life went back totally to normal for me.

Needless to say, I was very impressed with this alternative treatment and have told everyone I know of my experience. Should a relapse ever occur I wouldn’t consider other options of treatment as this was so successful for me.

Dot Richardson
Las Vegas,   Nevada


 Posted by Derrick Walker : Alternative
Ben Higley will be lecturing on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 4:00 – 5:00 PM. His topic will be exploring i-Health healing solutions and he is one of the featured presenters at Alternative Medicine-Live! a two-day conference on alternative medicine and healing in Salt Lake City, Utah April 4-5, 2008. Alternative Medicine – Live! will be held at the University Park Marriot. For more information and tickets call 800-498-5640.


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