GREEN TRAVEL just got simple.

Carbon Footprints, Global Warmingthese terms are popping up everywhere, so it’s no surprise that 43 million US travelers are “ecologically concerned.”

In a recent study done by the Travel Industry Association well over half of the respondents said that they support businesses that “go green,” but surprisingly enough only 13 percent of those same respondents (U.S. adults) said that they would be willing to pay more to support environmentally responsible travel services.

A brand new travel website, is the first to both recognize and solve this quandary. With the launch of their Green Travel website, travelers can book with green hotels, hybrid rental cars, and participate in carbon offsetting programs…OR book the vacation of their dreams and still feel good (and green) about it. is donating a portion of their revenue from all travel booked at the Green Travel Hub to a green organization, and that is whether or not the customer was able to book a green specific trip.

“We recognized two problems in the travel industry: one is that there are not green travel options in every city, and the other is that customers cannot always pay more for their trip. We’ve solved both these problems and have made a commitment to greening up travel for everyone. We offer the guaranteed lowest rates for thousands of hotels around the world, and our airfare and rental car rates are among the most competitive in the industry. With us, all your travel is green.”

If you are a green travel supplier, and would like to have your services listed here, please send an email to and let us know.

Green Travel Hub is the official travel supplier for  Alternative Medicine-Live! Next event to be held April 4-5, 2008.  For more information, contact Alternative Medicine-Live! at 800-498-5640.

Posted by: Derrick Walker

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