National Diabetes Educator & Health Coach


DeWayne McCulley is an ex-diabetic engineer who
survived a near-death, diabetic coma with a blood
glucose level of 1337 — more than 1200 points
above normal! Are you skeptical? (I would be).
Take a look at the doctor’s medical report of DeWayne’s blood glucose level and other health issues;
or, read what DeWayne’s doctor said in a newspaper article
about his recovery.

Despite two blood clots, high cholesterol, pneumonia and four insulin shots a day, DeWayne was able to use his engineering and biochemistry background to wean himself off the insulin, Coumadin and Lipitor — to reverse his Type 2 diabetes. He lowered his average glucose level to 92.5 mg/dL and his hemoglobin A1C to 4.7%,  while losing 52 pounds to reverse his Type 2 diabetes within 4 months.

He credits his recovery to God, his doctors/nurses, his mother, his daughter Cynthia, a set of accidents (blessings), and his undying thirst for knowledge — despite all of the “impossible” challenges he had to overcome. With a lot of encouragement from his daughter, his mother and people from work, the local churches, wellness industry, and the ADA diabetic support group he was facilitating, DeWayne decided to write the book, Death to Diabetes. It explains his experience with diabetes, the real root causes of diabetes, and the pathogenesis of the disease. The book also explains how to reverse Type 2 diabetes and its complications — by avoiding the 5 “dead” foods, eating the 5 “super” foods, taking the 5 critical wholefood nutritional supplements; following the Super Meal Model; and, utilizing the 7 wellness factors, including consistent exercise, blood glucose testing/analysis, stress reduction, and spiritual health. His hope is that this book  and his wellness training programs will inspire you the way he was inspired — by people he never would have met if it weren’t for his experience with diabetes.

Despite the success of his wellness program, the book, and his educational workshops, DeWayne (who grew up in Western Pennsylvania and graduated from Pennsylvania State University, B.S./E.E.) continued to receive phone calls and emails from diabetics all over the country, asking questions about their specific health needs. One of the reasons why DeWayne wrote his book was to reduce the number of phone calls and emails. However, the numbers have continued to increase, leading DeWayne to start health coaching over the phone.  That, in turn, has led DeWayne and his company Death to Diabetes, LLC to join forces with the PARWEL health services company. As a national diabetes educator and health coach, DeWayne conducts Death to Diabetes® workshops and seminars, and provides professional health coaching services to various companies, organizations, families, and individuals.
DeWayne, who has been featured in news articles and on radio shows in various cities, credited his success in Corporate America to strong parents, great teachers in elementary, junior and senior high school, and the blue-collar work ethic of the steel mills in Western Pennsylvania. DeWayne states emphatically, “For some strange reason, I was blessed with great teachers who reinforced what my parents had instilled in me — that I could do anything as long as I was willing to put in the effort and do the work. Ironically, that work ethic mentality helped me to successfully fight and beat my diabetes.”

DeWayne’s Schedule for workshops, lectures, wellness training, radio shows, book signings, and other events. (view pdf)

Doctor’s Medical Report:  DeWayne’s personal medical data during his recovery

Watch a video of the author at one of his lectures

Select from a list of videos to watch the author at several lectures

Listen: to what Dr. Courtney and a couple of his radio listeners said about the author and his book

Listen:to what the author says about nutrition, his book, the doctors, his mother, his daughter, myths about diabetes

Diabetes Workshops: Go to for DeWayne’s diabetes workshop schedule.

Order the Book or DVD

Death to Diabetes Blog: DeWayne’s blog (

Super Breakfast: While you’re waiting for the book/DVD, start with this power breakfast.

Future endeavors: diabetes training kit for diabetics, training program for diabetes educators, wellness coaches, and other healthcare professionals

Contact Information
Phone Number:
800-813-1927, 585-671-0577; 585-413-1237
Address: 1170 Ridge Rd. #190  Webster, NY 14580

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