Alex Hoggan and Water Wellness Center to Exhibit at Alternative Medicine-Live! April 4-5, 2008

History-Founder-Alex Hoggan

In 1998 I was searching for direction and answers for something meaningful in my life. In the wee hours of one spring morning I awoke to the most terrible pain in my lower back and rushed myself to the emergency room. The doctor diagnosed me with a kidney stone. Knowing that I never wanted to go through this pain again I asked the Doctor how this could have happened. The doctor explained that he did not know the exact cause but there is an obvious link in humans with the high consumption of dark liquids such as cola’s and coffee. The light went on in my head because I had been a Diet Coke addict for over 13 years relying on it for the majority of liquid intake on a daily basis. I asked the doctor what I could do to avoid this from happening again and he simply stated drink lot’s of water.

So I began drinking tap water and after a couple of weeks I could not stand the smell of it. So I began drinking bottled water. After seeing a special on Dateline NBC stating that a high percentage of bottled water was just repackaged tap water I began my search for the healthiest water. I went to my local health food store and found a couple of books that forever changed my life. The first book was titled The Choice is Clear written by Dr. Alan Banik. Dr. Banik in very simple terms explained the differences between spring water, mineral water, filtered water, and rain water. The other book is titled “Your bodies many Cries for water.” written by Dr. Batmanjani. he explained how most diseases or illnessess in the human body are just a sypmtom of chronic dehydration.

After reading these books,I began to drink a gallon per day of ultra clean water. After a couple of weeks I could definitly notice the changes in my body. My body was more at peace. I felt cleansed physically and even spiritually.

In fall of 1998 I developed a product called Wellness Water. I then opened the first Water & Wellness Center in Salt Lake City Utah.

My Vision of this company is to educate people about water. When it comes to your health there is nothing more important than the water you drink. We now have three stores and thousands of loyal customers. Watch “The Shocking Truth about Water” so you can get involved in the future health of the society we live in.

Thanks to all who have supported us!
Alex Hoggan

Stop by and meet Alex at Alternative Medicine-Live!

Health, Wellness and Education, are themed topics at Salt Lake City Two-Day Conference and Expo, entitled “Alternative Medicine-Live!”

University Park Marriott
480 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Hours: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Cost: $35 – Complimentary Tickets Available for Groups
Call 1-800-498-5640

Combining the best of alternative therapies and how they are integrated into today’s modern medical and healing practices – that is the theme of the Two-Day Conference and Expo, entitled “Alternative Medicine-Live!”, to be presented on April 4-5, 2008.

This Conference and Expo will feature exhibits, presentations, lectures, refreshments, a “Meet the Healers” reception, free samples and health testing. Open to both the public and also to the health care community, this is the fourth conference presented in the Salt Lake valley by the Alternative Medicine Network.

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