Meet Peggy Matheson, Journey Practitioner

I attended the New Year’s Eve Celebration at One Mind Studio and got the opportunity to re-connect with one of Salt Lake City’s most interesting practitioners of Alternative Health, Peggy Matheson.  Peggy has been involved with a process called “The Journey”, which is based on the booka and discovery by Brandon Bays.  Here is a link to Brandon Bays’ story, which was quite interesting.  If you live in or near Salt Lake City, Utah contact Peggy, her information is below.
Peggy Matheson
Peggy Matheson

Journey Practitioner,
Peggy Matheson
(801) 274-3744
(801) 718-1964

Peggy Matheson is a mother, wife, singer, dancer, actress, and a Journey Practitioner. She is on a continual path of learning, growing and finding wonderful, creative ways to live life!


For years she felt plagued by unseen patterns and blocks, not able to really be whom she felt underneath she truly was: not able to do what she was truly capable of. In spite of her outward successes, she was looking for freedom from patterns that were leaving her depressed and feeling powerless. She knew she was plagued by toxic shame, which traditional therapy did not seem to help. After 2 days of learning and experiencing The Journey, she felt more connected, open, and free than ever before in her life. This was truly something powerful. And now, almost 4 years later, and after completing the year long Journey Practitioner’s program, she is a fully certified Journey Practitioner.

We can find true freedom from our silent saboteurs. There are so many more possibilities than most of us can see. If we can get on the other side of our blocks, life is different, relationships do flourish, health is possible, and spontaneous joy does happen! This is what The Journey offers… freedom!”

The Journey has gone into 17 new countries in the last 4 years alone. It has been in the U.S. for over 5 years now. To find out more information about The Journey, please go to

Local Journey Gatherings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Brain Harmony, 1055 E. 3300 S., SLC, UT 84124, at 7 pm.

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please contact Peggy at:
(801) 274-3744
(801) 718-1964

Local Journey Gatherings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month at:

Brain Harmony Technology
1055 East. 3300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
Time:  7: 00 PM.




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