A Call to “Inspirational Nourishment” — The Holistic Gourmet Cooking Class: Monday, March 9, 2009

The Holistic Gourmet
Bringing Health and Pleasure…to the Planet,  One Plate at a Time

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine, And Thy Medicine Be Food and Let Thy Food Be Delicous” Hippocrates & Pati

Holistic Cooking Classes

Taught by:  Pati Reiss, Holistic Health Counselor and Educator

Time and Place:
Wasatch Commons House
1411 Utah St .  Salt Lake City , Utah   84104

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

In these classes you will learn….

~ how to cook…Delicious Foods that Heal
~ easy Recipes that are…Scrumptious!
~ why Food is your…”Best Medicine”
~ the…”Food Mood Connection”
~ the Healing benefits of…Going Organic
~ tips for…Shopping…Organizing your Kitchen & Office

Holistic Menu

~Class Opening~
Balanced Eating Meditation

~Cooking Lesson and Dinner~

* Wake Up Essentials for Body and Soul
* Pati’s Breakfast Favorites…(please don’t miss this meal)…will be gluten free…of course!
* 2 Soups…also know as “One Pot Meals”…yum and easy!
* Sauteed Kale & Beet Greens with Gogi Berries and Suflower Seeds…oh my!
* Glorious Greens Salad Raw ( a staple for your fridge) with Creamy Tahini Dressing
* Samurai Burgers…salmon, rice, etc…with a Super Sexy Sauce!
* Millet Couscous Delight…with hijiki (sea veggie)…ok it’s yum
* Ananda Cookies…bliss in a treat…not to sweet…forever rememberd!!
* Energy and Calming Teas

You will be tasting all the recipes you will be learning about and then the how to and why you want to eat for vibrance…balance and peace!

~Class Closing~
Inner Peace Meditation

$68.00 per person
Price includes: cooking lecture…recipes… full meal
leftovers…please bring small~medium container

10% off on… Pati’s “Transformational Wellness Program”

*Do the Food *Feel the Peace *Heal the Planet

Come Eat…Relax…and Treat Yourself to…Inspirational Nourishment !

Reserve your space & plate…call or e-mail Pati at:

Peace and Health…Pati Reiss HHC

*Privates and Classes in your home available.
*Holistic Catering…feed your guests the best!

3 comments so far

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  2. Joanne Lovejoy on

    Pati, I loved your class last night, you made it fun and creative.
    I especially liked the millet dish. I had never known how to prepare it. The tahini dressing was divine.
    Do you have a recipe for peanut sauce? I like it on rice and vegetables.

    I hope you will do a class in April.. Joanne

  3. Joanne Lovejoy on

    unblock my subscription

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