Konsyl Pharmaceuticals – New Sponsor of The Danielle Lin Show

Konsyl Pharmaceuticals is the new sponsor of the Danielle Lin Radio Show

Easton, MD (PRWEB) March 13, 2009 — Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, makers of premium psyllium fiber supplements for lowering cholesterol and improving intestinal health, has been selected as a product partner to the Danielle Lin Show, the noted health talk radio program. Host Danielle Lin has been dedicated for 27 years to bringing her listeners “information with purpose.” She personally evaluates and approves all show sponsors to introduce listeners to products they can trust.

Konsyl Pharmaceuticals Executive Vice-President John Flohr says, “We’re pleased that such an expert in the natural products arena sees the benefits of Konsyl fiber. She’s known as the premier radio host in health and wellness.   Her support of our fiber products means a lot.”

“The Danielle Lin Show” is popular for bringing entertainment and enlightenment to its listeners. Now host Danielle Lin broaches the essential, yet “unsexy” topic of digestive health in conjunction with Konsyl.

It’s often said that “health begins in the colon.” Danielle invited David H. Gibbs, M.D, a board-certified colon & rectal surgeon, to discuss the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, colorectal cancer. Dr. Gibbs warned, “Colorectal cancer affects all races equally, all sexes equally, and you don’t have to smoke or drink to get it. You just have to live long enough, so I think it’s a pandemic. Everyone needs to be concerned about this disease.”

Colorectal cancer is preventable. Colonoscopy is imperative to detecting the polyps where cancer starts. Dr. Gibbs also recommended improving natural dietary fiber intake and maintaining good bowel habits to promote a healthier colon.   He is a proponent of Konsyl psyllium fiber for his patients and takes it himself every morning.

Registered dietician Jennifer Snyder appeared on the Danielle Lin Show to advise listeners on smart, fiber-rich food choices. Her quick tips include looking for at least 3 grams of fiber per slice of bread and choosing whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Snyder also spoke about her own experience with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). She noted that a fiber supplement twice daily helps regulate her digestive system.

The Danielle Lin Show is heard in over 107 countries. This valuable health information is also podcast on www.daniellelin.com. Konsyl Pharmaceuticals is also proud to feature the show on its website http://www.konsyl.com/health-benefits/index.htm

About Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc. produces high quality, natural fiber supplements and digestive aids for improved intestinal and digestive health. Konsyl products address a variety of digestive issues, such as constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, IBS and diverticulosis. For over 50 years, doctors have recommended natural Konsyl products as a soluble fiber supplement for patients of all ages. The high fiber content of Konsyl products helps consumers to achieve dependable digestive health. Konsyl products are available in fine pharmacies and chain stores throughout the United States. For more information on Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for healthcare professionals, visit www.konsylmd.com.

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