Airing this weekend on The Danielle Lin Show

Airing Locally this Weekend on The Danielle Lin Show

    The Danielle Lin Show is a syndicated talk radio program heard nationally on the ABC Broadcasting Network. Podcasts are available at: In Utah, The Danielle Lin Show is heard on 570 AM KNRS from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM on Sunday.

“Path to the Deepest Self” ” –
Guest/Author: Michal Levin,
As a catalyst for profound psychological change and growth, Levin brings her personal experience of triumph over sickness and life transforming events to light in this two hour special. She tells her personal story to enlightentment through meditation and a powerful self awareness. Among other inspirational books, she is the author of Meditation – Path To The Deepest Self.  

“Seven Weeks To Sobriety”- Guest/Author: Joan Mathews Larsen Ph.D.
Alcoholism is most often treated through counseling. Joan Mathews Larsen and her colleagues discovered nutritional deficiencies in alcoholics, and found that with proper dietary adjustments, they could help many of their patients kick the habit for good.

Real solutions to make living easier…period. You said you wanted something different…here is it! The Danielle Lin Show… Give us a year and we will give you a primer for life!

Join us 24/7 online and weekly on the nationally syndicated AM radio network. Experience up-close and personal interviews with powerful changemakers and the incredible voices of our times; Deepak Chopra, M.D., George Zalucki, Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, Aman Motwane, Bill Bartman, Stephen R. Covey, Chris Howard, Dan Poynter, Dr. Masuru Emoto, Dan Millman, T. Harv Ecker, Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D, , Andrew Weil, M.D., Gregg Braden, Daryl Hannah,Roice Krueger, Michael Losier.– Information with purpose…

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  1. Belinda on

    Many people think the terms food allergy and food intolerance mean the same thing; however, they do not. A food intolerance is an adverse food-induced reaction that does not involve the immune system. Lactose intolerance is one example of a food intolerance. A person with lactose intolerance lacks an enzyme that is needed to digest milk sugar. When the person eats milk products, symptoms such as gas, bloating, and abdominal pain may occur.

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