Access your personal power with BioFeedback!

Every stress, trauma and emotion ever felt is recorded in your body at a cellular level.

Every cell contains chemicals and memories that were created during these negative emotions, both inherited and experienced.  Everything is composed of energy frequencies including sound, light and colors…  When you talk about a family member, a stressful event or an illness, different emotions and attitudes are revealed through the sound of your voice.  This influences the Energy Aura you carry with you.  This Aura has the power to attract things and situations you desire, or attract things and situations you don’t desire.

EMOTIONAL HEALING WITH VO-CAL 360.  The Dynamic Voice Mapping Systems of the VO-CAL “Chair” uses a sophisticated Bio-Feedback computer program to analyze one’s voice and helps the individual locate the areas of negatively charged emotions that he or she needs to process to clear repetitive patterns of thought and/or behavior.  The outcome of a Voice Map session is the ability to release locked thoughts or thought patterns that may cause discomfort in your life.

You will notice that you will not react to situations the way you have in the past.  Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through “issues” more quickly.  No longer must you endure “old emotional baggage” that interferes with the quality of your life.


“I have found that clearing sessions with Vo-Cal make me more pensive and less reactive toward people.  The sessions give me space and freedom to choose my words thoughtfully and with care and sincerity.  I also feel a greater sense of respect and empathy for family members as I have more insight into their life struggles and can now recognize strengths instead of only weaknesses.  I believe this work to be an important part of achieving holistic health.”
Aymi Bennhoff, FNP, Web of Life Wellness Center

Saara Ullery of Body Knowledge

Saara Ullery of Body Knowledge

For more information, please contact Saara Ullery of Body Knowledge
at Web of Life Wellness Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

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