“Standing in Your Power” and Elena Radford coming to Radio!

Radio Show Announcement
Written by Elena Radford
Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tune in on Sundays Live for the “Standing in Your Power Show” from Salt Lake City, Utah, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM K-TALK AM 630

Listen to Streaming Audio Online at K-Talk.com

Podcast Archive available Tuesdays on StandingInYourPower.com
The show is Produced by Webstorm Internet Media produces “Standing in Your Power”
with the highest standards of production.

Call 801.759.0455 if your are interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser on this program.

Dear Friends;

We are excited to announce the “Standing in Your Power” radio program, which will be starting on this coming Sunday night on K-TALK AM 630. — The show can also be listened to “live” via streaming audio on KTALK.com

This is exciting, But there is more.

This program will also be podcasted globally so that anyone can hear it online at any time after the show is broadcast on K-TALK. Archives of the show podcasts will be available by Tuesday each week.

You are invited to experience an overview of the transformative series of workshops that are now being taught in corporate America and to individuals who share a set of beliefs concerning the effects of personal power, healing, eliminating limiting beliefs, and creating what you want for your highest good.

What is “Standing in Your Power”?

To live your life from your authentic self. Being who you were born to be. Living life from a place of joy and self confidence. These are all ways to describe “Standing in Your Power.”

Elena Radford can facilitate these answers. She is the pioneer of a new dimension of healing using her skills as a Shaman to support the evolution of New Men and New Women.

Elena is part of a rich heritage from the mountains of Peru, and since childhood she has been empowered with the knowledge of her ancestors. And now she delivers the tools of this powerful new form of energy to help you literally transform your life and start “Standing in Your Power.”

Listen to Elena Radford on the “Standing in Your Power” program every Sunday, beginning April 26, 2009 on K-TALK AM 630 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Live streaming of the show is available online at k-talk.com. Podcasts of the show are available the following monday on StandingInYourPower.com

“After only taking the first series of classes my life has taken on a new meaning. If you want to be moved, amazed, speechless, empowered, self awakened…”
-Sharlene Ashton
“I was pleasantly surprised and literally amazed by the effects of shifting my energy…”
Bruce McLean

“I was able to make more significant shifts in my personal and professional life then in 24 years of formal education…”
Mark Welch, PhD
Adjunct Professor
“It’s one thing to transform yourself from the outside in, it’s a whole different experience transforming yourself from the inside out. So how does one go about doing this?”
Garrett White

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