About Ateeka

With over 20 years of extensive background in traditional yoga studies and practice, Ateeka has arrived at a way of sharing yoga that is immediate and fluid and experiential. Rather than committing to a particular yoga system or lineage, she now chooses to come from the “lineage of life!” Her teachings reflect and encourage only the innate intelligence of the bio-system Ateeka continues to explore the bridge between traditional yoga studies and modern somatic approaches. Together with her husband Fabrizio, she is the co-creator of Somatic Movement Meditation and is integrating this very intelligent, responsive, non-repetitive movement system into the world of yoga.

Practices with Ateeka are exploratory, changing, growing and evolving. No class is ever the same and each offers an opportunity to move deeply into movement that is initiated by the fluid systems of the body.  What Ateeka is sharing now is a new and different dimension of the yoga practice . . . the yoga of possibilities. . . of exploring our evolutionary ancestry and energetic spectrum . . . of intelligence and playfulness and fluidity. Her work is without doctrine or dogma or hierarchy and has a spherical opportunity to learn from and contribute to the immediate environment.

She is a Registered Yoga Teacher, member of the International Yoga Therapists Association and director of an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training program. Her background includes extensive practice and teacher training in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Integral and Kundalini Yoga. Continuum Movement has had a great influence on her developments in yoga and she has logged more than 300 hours of study with Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement and is currently mentoring with Emilie.

Throughout the years, Ateeka’s ever-evolving work has been featured in YOGA JOURNAL, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED WOMEN, REAL SIMPLE and BODY & SOUL and MODERN BRIDE, LA VIE TAIWAN and Taiwan’s NATURAL HEALTH and Italy’s NATURAL STYLE magazines. She has produced 2 best-selling Yoga instructional videos “Yoga With Ateeka” which is has been translated and distributed in English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Spanish and Yoga-AntiStress: Restorative Yoga with Ateeka in English and Italian.  She has also produced 5 instructional audio CD’s available in “Divine Yoga Flow”, “Moon Cycle Yoga” and “Bliss”.

Ateeka has recently co-authored with Harold Dull and Fabrizio Dalle Piane, the new book, TANTSU: A YOGA OF THE HEART and is a TANTSU presenter. She is also an artist expressing life’s fluid movements through paintings, poetry and talismans.

Ateeka lives in a magical garden in Italy and travels internationally to share her innovative perspective on the Yoga and Tantsu practices.

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