The Angel Series: At September 11th Memorial

Kerry Swank was born in 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was raised amid the rich heritage and the inspirational artistic tradition surrounding her native Denmark. From an early age, Ms. Swank recalls watching her father, Palle Schou, a photographic master, who taught her the artistry of the celluloid image. Like her father, she had the innate ability to understand light, framing and the very essence of the image. As a child, she found a sense of solitude and peace when visiting Roskilde Cathedral where her passion for Angelic images was ignited.

In her latest and most extensive endeavor, Ms. Swank presents to a modern day audience her phenomenal The Angel Project; a series of angelic compositions imbued with the highest virtues of grace and nobility as an inspiration to us all. This first series is done with the female figure and each represents the celestial embodiment of virtue.

The Angel Project has become a mission statement for Ms. Swank. Looking at her images, we are called to reflect not only on ourselves but the world at large. In Freedom an angel holds an American flag in the national cemetery. The artist states: “This calls our attention to the wonderful freedom that we have in this Country. Because the liberties that we enjoy are often taken for granted, I wanted all to remember those soldiers in and out of uniform, who have died for the freedom we cherish.”

Freedom is presently hung in a prominent position at the Pentagon in the former Secretary of Defense Corridor. Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wrote: “The work displays outstanding skill, creativity, and thoughtfulness. It offers encouragement and support to our military and civilian workers, and those who visit the Pentagon. I want you to know all of us here at the Pentagon appreciate the time and effort you took. It is your spirit and that of all Americans that will see us through these difficult times.” It will become part of the September 11th, permanent memorial.



Ms. Swank has appeared on FOX News and numerous radio and magazine interviews (list available upon request). Her angel images; Serenity, Faith and Deliverance were recreated and chosen by Golden Globe’s Associated Press as gifts to the attending celebrities. She currently lives and works In Laguna Beach, California. Ms. Kerry Swank is the angel amongst us. Her images reflect our courage, joy and grief and touch the higher self that lives in us all.

There are limited editions available of “The Angel Series”, including the Hand-Colored “Freedom”. For enquires, leave a comment below or contact Derrick Walker with Webstorm Internet Media at 949.355.8692



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