Want Diabetes? Watch More TV!

Want Diabetes? Watch More TV!
Want Diabetes, Watch More TV

 . . . or exercise while you watch and get healthier!

Scientists at Harvard have found that each 2 hours of daily TV viewing raises your risk of Type II diabetes by 20%. Since the average American sits glued to the boob tube 5 hours a day, that’s an increased risk of 50%. And diabetes isn’t the only hazard of watching TV — each 2 hours daily also raises your risk of heart disease by 15% and your risk of death from any cause by 13%.


Watching TV has often been associated with obesity and an unhealthy diet. A study done a few years ago found that overweight kids who watch food advertisements on TV tend to double their food intake.


But I’ll bet the real culprit here is sitting hour after hour and, as a result, getting little exercise. The human body needs movement, exertion and challenge; without them nothing functions as it should.

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