Clint Ober – Inventor of Barefoot Grounded Earth Pad

Clint Ober – Raised in Montana – Roots in Nature

Clint Ober was born on July 14, 1944 in Fort Dodge Iowa, but spent most of his formative years in the great state of Montana. There exposed to the Native American Culturehe developed a love of nature and first learned of our important connection to the natural world. His immediate and extended families were farmers and ranchers, who also taught respect for the land and to listen and learn from the ways of the natural world.

Clint Ober – Little Formal Schooling

In 1959 when his father died from leukemia, he was left to take care of his mother and his five siblings with crops in the ground and a herd of livestock. As a result he didn’t finish his schooling.

Clint Ober – Well Versed in Cable Television

Eventually, Clint left the land for the excitement of city life and in the early 1960’s, he took interest in the fledgling CATV industry. After a few years of working with the local CATV operators in Montana, he was hired by Telecommunications Inc. of Denver CO as the National Director of Marketing. During the four years in this position, working with Dr. John Malone, the company grew from near bankruptcy to become the largest CATV operator in the US.

Upon leaving TCI in 1972, Clint began his own company, Telecrafter Corporation, which specialized in developing CATV systems, broadcast television and microwave communication properties. This company became the largest provider of CATV marketing and installation services in the US. The company also developed and owned interests in CATV systems, broadcast television properties and microwave distribution systems throughout Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. This company became public in 1980 and four years later merged with Wegener Communication Inc. of Atlanta GA.

Intrigued with the advent of the personal computer in the early 1980s and seeing the PC as a TV set without a signal, Clint began a new company, Information Services. This company which became a partnership between TCI, McGraw Hill and Information Services, accumulated distribution rights to every known wire services in the world. These included the likes of United Press International and The Associated Press to TASS news agency in Russia, Kyodo in Japan and Xinua in China along with live feeds from all US Exchanges. These wire services combined into a unified data stream were then transmitted via satellite to CATV systems and Broadcasters for redistribution directly to personal computers via multiplexed sub-carriers to a de-mod receiver attached to the PC. At the time, we along with Microsoft, Apple and Commodore assumed that like TV, radio and newspapers, live news and quote information to personal computers would be free [ad supported] and in a broadcast form. Needless to say, the Internet was discovered and e-mail, chat rooms and porn gave rise to a new generation of communications. Information Services then redirected its efforts to serving the news media.

Clint Ober – Health Setback – Changed His Directions Back to his Roots

In 1993, Clint experienced health setbacks. After a very difficult recovery from a major illness, Clint decided that he needed to get back to nature. So, he sold his big home and spent four years traveling around the US. Eventually, Clint decided that many of the health problems that people face, including himself, have to do with not being connected to the earth. His thoughts went back to his Montana roots and the great outdoors and natural world.

Combing his cable television knowledge he knew that static in television came from “un-grounded systems”, Clint drew a parallel to static in the human body being the result of not being grounded. He observed that livestock could live beneath electrical power lines with no signs of stress or ill-health, but people could not. The difference, the livestock were grounded, the people were insulated by their synthetic shoes and houses.

Clint Ober – Decided that a Big Piece of the Health Puzzle is Ground Conctact

Simple ground contact, Clint observed, neutralizes charge in the body and naturally protects the nervous system and the endogenous fields of the body, from extraneous electrical interference. This belief has been expanded to include the neutralization of free radicals produced within the body. Free radicals are produced by the body to destroy pathogens. And ground contact he postulated allows the earth’s free electrons to neutralize excess free radicals. With the free electrons from earth contact, excess free radicals would create an ever escalating cycle of chronic excess free radicals and chronic dis-ease within the body.

Another fact that Clint knew to be true about electrical systems is that grounding protects a system from electrical interference. In our modern world, we have many electrical systems that create free radicals and harm our bodies. Electric blankets, alarm clocks, televisions, etc. all produce magnetic fields. Being grounded to earth protects the human body from those electro-magnetic fields.

Now you know how a cowboy from the great state of Montana became aware of nature’s role in protecting the vital communications of the body.

Clint Ober – On the Trail of Helping Humanity

During the last few years, Clint has spent virtually every waking hour in the pursuit of understanding and identifying the impact that loss of ground contact has had on the body and how to facilitate people to have this ground contact in our modern world. The findings Clint has obtained to date extend far beyond anything he ever imagined at the outset of this journey.

The following summary is an overview in Clint’s own words of how the Barefoot Pad came to be:

In the beginning of my search, time spent with electrical engineers and medical professionals resulted in little more than blank stares and research in the medical libraries turned up nothing. Then after discovering that the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences was compiling a paper on the effects EMFs have on human health. I focused my attention on their work and as luck would have it, their information provided a simple piece of evidence that gave me direction. It was their conclusion that the adverse effects found in some human studies from exposure to EMFs was determined to be inconclusive as thesame effects could not be reproduced in animal studies. Pay dirt, EMFs in some studies adversely affect human health and animals in similar studies [a herd of sheep, baboons and the like] did not experience the same adverse effects. These animals were not wearing shoes and sleeping in comfortable beds insulated from earth, they were naturally grounded.

A method to effectively ground people while in bed was developed and then the new studies began. The effort produced, with a control group, the following results:

went to sleep quicker
reported sleeping better throughout the night
reported waking, being and feeling more rested
experienced a significant reduction in muscle stiffness
experienced the elimination of/or a reduction of chronic back and joint pain
reported improved general health
In addition, several subjects in the study also reported experiencing significant relief from asthmatic and respiratory conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, PMS, sleep apnea and hypertension

Then a Dr Russell Whitten of Ojai, CA confirmed these findings when he took an interest in the study and additionally grounded 35 of his own patients and found similar results.

This combined evidence confirmed that the human body, with loss of ground contact, is now operating in a bio-electrically stressed state.

Now the task is to identify individuals and companies that can help develop and provide effective and safe methods to restore our vital connection to the earth.

For more information, contact us at 877-423-7986

4 comments so far

  1. Carmen Guard on

    I am interested in your grounding system, but as I use an electric over blanket, would this interfere with the process?

    • Andrejka Nc on

      Electric blankets are good to avoid while you sleep. You can have it warm the bed off and unplug it when you climb in. Also keep alarm clocks and all electronics and cell phones away from your body while you sleep.

  2. Angelia Rose on

    Angelia Rose Las Vegas, NV Aug. 5, 2011
    Mr. Ober
    Thank you for you wonderful products. I can really feel a difference. Can the grounding sheet or pad be used while using a zapper or does one counteract the other?
    I have an idea that gloves would be a wonderful addition to you wonderful product line. Did you ever consider gloves?
    Angelia Rose

  3. Derrick on

    I am reading Clint Ober’s new book called “Earthing”

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