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“Stones of Light – When Your Help Really Matters” with Guests Scott and Kim Hosking on The Danielle Lin Show

“Stones of Light – When Your Help Really Matters”
Guest: Scott and Kim Hosking

Stones of Light is a non-profit educational foundation – dedicated to enriching the lives of Mayan children and their families. Through cultural exchange and education, you can make a difference with children living in the remote area of Chisec and the Mesoamerican region. I encourage you to learn more about this empowering organization. These are kind and loving people who have sacrificed everything to reach out to those in need. Email:


Alternative Therapies | Cancer

Via: Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Inside Everyone There Is A Champion!

I found inspiration in this article from Maria Adelus,  MaxFormation Champion 2010

I remember that around this time last year I was preparing myself for the MaxFormation champion announcement.  I had made it to the top 10 but the online voting became more nerve-racking as each week passed.  Every day I had to tell myself over and over that I was a champion to matter what the outcome of the MaxFormation or figure competetion I was about to embark on.  I was a champion no matter what because I gave my all.  I was a champion because I believed in myself.  I was a champion because I never gave up.

Maria Adelus

There is a quote that I used to recite to myself as I was preparing for both the MaxFormation and ny very first figure competition.  Lao Tzu once said,  “By letting, it all gets done.  The world is beyond the winning.”

At first this quote ay seem the exact opposite of what any kind of competitor should live by.  However, If you think about it enough,  it makes perfect sense.  A true competitor competes out of his or her passion in the sport itself.    A true competitor competes for a reason that goes much deeper than the desre for fame or money that may come with winning first place.  It is only when a competitor releases the pressure for a win that is based on fame or money, that he or she actually becomes a champion.

As the new MaxFormation champion arises at the end of June, I want to congratulate him or her on a job well done.  However, I also want to encourage the rest of the competitors and tell you that you are all winners.  You are winners simply because of your effort, your faith and your perserverance.  Fame and money may be fleeting but our passion and drive to be a healthier you will never leave as long as you continue to nurture it.  Your ability to inspire others and continually make improvements in your fitness goals will always be at the tip of your fingers.  Each day you will continue to have the power to make a difference in yourself and the world around you.  Whether you are recognized for it or not does not make you anything less than a champion if you truly gave it your all.

Ultimately, the only way you will ever lose in your journey to fitness is if you quit.  All of you, however, have shown your perseverance in healthy living for the past several months.  Because of your perseverance, I have faith in each of you to continue to be a champion not only to yourself but also to those around you.  Don’t let this competition make you feel any less than the greatest of champions.  Continue to strive towards a better life with passion.   And remember what Mike Tysone once said: “Champions don’t quit.”

Want Diabetes? Watch More TV!

Want Diabetes? Watch More TV!
Want Diabetes, Watch More TV

 . . . or exercise while you watch and get healthier!

Scientists at Harvard have found that each 2 hours of daily TV viewing raises your risk of Type II diabetes by 20%. Since the average American sits glued to the boob tube 5 hours a day, that’s an increased risk of 50%. And diabetes isn’t the only hazard of watching TV — each 2 hours daily also raises your risk of heart disease by 15% and your risk of death from any cause by 13%.


Watching TV has often been associated with obesity and an unhealthy diet. A study done a few years ago found that overweight kids who watch food advertisements on TV tend to double their food intake.


But I’ll bet the real culprit here is sitting hour after hour and, as a result, getting little exercise. The human body needs movement, exertion and challenge; without them nothing functions as it should.

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The “Business” of Drugs: New Study of 2 Million People Confirms Dangerous side Effects of Cholesterol Drugs

The "Business" of Drugs: New Study

The "Business" of Drugs: New Study

Dear Members,
In a study monitoring more than 2 million people in Britain, researchers from Nottingham University found that adverse side effects of cholesterol lowering drugs, known as “statins,” were generally consistent and worse in the first year of treatment.
Referring to the study earlier this week Reuters News Service reported that people using cholesterol-lowering statins have a higher risks of liver dysfunction, kidney failure, muscle weakness and cataracts and such side effects of the drug should be closely tracked, doctors said on Friday.
See Reuters report:
In fact, the study, published in the British Medical Journal, said patients taking statins like Pfizer’s Lipitor and AstraZeneca’s Crestor should be “proactively monitored” for side effects.
“Our study is likely to be useful for policy and planning purposes,” said Julia Hippisley-Cox and Carol Coupland, the two professors who led the study. They said it may also be useful “for informing guidelines on the type and dose of statins.”
Ironically, statins are among the most financially successful drugs of all time yet heart disease continues to be the leading and growing killer of men and women throughout the world. 
Coupland and Hippisley-Cox studied data from 368 general practices on 2,004,692 patients aged 30-84 years including 225,922 patients who were new statin users and had been prescribed a range of statins. They found that for every 10,000 high risk women treated with statins, the positive impact would be around 271 fewer cases of heart disease and 8 fewer cases of oesophageal cancer.
On the other side, there would also be 74 extra patients with liver dysfunction, 23 extra patients with acute renal failure, 307 with cataracts and 39 with a muscle weakness condition called myopathy.
The adverse effects including liver dysfunction, acute renal failure, cataracts and a muscle weakness condition called myopathy, were similar for all different types of statins, except for liver dysfunction, where the highest risks were found for Fluvastatin, which is sold by Novartis under the brand names Lescol and Lochol.
“All of the increased risks persisted during the treatment, but were highest in the first year,” they wrote.
To learn more about the billion dollar cholesterol scam get your copy of Dr. Gottfried Lange’s explosive e-book;
How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease: The Billion Dollar Cholesterol Scam, available through HealthNet Publishing –  www.HealthNetPublishign.Com and Amazon.Com.
All the best,
Rudi C. Loehwing
Managing Director
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences

The Angel Series: At September 11th Memorial

Kerry Swank was born in 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was raised amid the rich heritage and the inspirational artistic tradition surrounding her native Denmark. From an early age, Ms. Swank recalls watching her father, Palle Schou, a photographic master, who taught her the artistry of the celluloid image. Like her father, she had the innate ability to understand light, framing and the very essence of the image. As a child, she found a sense of solitude and peace when visiting Roskilde Cathedral where her passion for Angelic images was ignited.

In her latest and most extensive endeavor, Ms. Swank presents to a modern day audience her phenomenal The Angel Project; a series of angelic compositions imbued with the highest virtues of grace and nobility as an inspiration to us all. This first series is done with the female figure and each represents the celestial embodiment of virtue.

The Angel Project has become a mission statement for Ms. Swank. Looking at her images, we are called to reflect not only on ourselves but the world at large. In Freedom an angel holds an American flag in the national cemetery. The artist states: “This calls our attention to the wonderful freedom that we have in this Country. Because the liberties that we enjoy are often taken for granted, I wanted all to remember those soldiers in and out of uniform, who have died for the freedom we cherish.”

Freedom is presently hung in a prominent position at the Pentagon in the former Secretary of Defense Corridor. Secretary Donald Rumsfeld wrote: “The work displays outstanding skill, creativity, and thoughtfulness. It offers encouragement and support to our military and civilian workers, and those who visit the Pentagon. I want you to know all of us here at the Pentagon appreciate the time and effort you took. It is your spirit and that of all Americans that will see us through these difficult times.” It will become part of the September 11th, permanent memorial.



Ms. Swank has appeared on FOX News and numerous radio and magazine interviews (list available upon request). Her angel images; Serenity, Faith and Deliverance were recreated and chosen by Golden Globe’s Associated Press as gifts to the attending celebrities. She currently lives and works In Laguna Beach, California. Ms. Kerry Swank is the angel amongst us. Her images reflect our courage, joy and grief and touch the higher self that lives in us all.

There are limited editions available of “The Angel Series”, including the Hand-Colored “Freedom”. For enquires, leave a comment below or contact Derrick Walker with Webstorm Internet Media at 949.355.8692



Stem-Cell Hopes Get A Home At University of California Irvine

$80 million research center readies for cutting-edge work.

UC Irvine ( University of California at Irvine) is soon to open an $80 million stem-cell research center – a four -story, 100,000 square foot building where researchers will investigate using stem cells to help people with spinal cord injury as well as Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration and other illnesses.  The center’s director gives an early tour of the building.

The $80 million stem-cell research center at UC Irvine still has that new-building smell.  The offices and meeting rooms are barren of furniture, and the empty laboratory shelves and benches wait to be filled.

“It does look like an IKEA catalog doesn’t it?” Peter Donovan, a UCI stem-cell researcher who will serve as the center’s drector, said on a tour of the new building this week.

But soon after the formal dedication of the center May 14, researchers will begin moving into the four-story structure — one shaped as much by the politics of stem-cell science as the needs of the scientists themselves.  It is one of several such centers being built around the state and the first to be completed in Southern California.

“This building I think will become the hub of all stem-cell research on the UCI campus and allow us to provide better outreach to the public and the other institutions we collaborate with,” Donovan said.

Scientists have high hopes for the center, which will house about a dozen laboratories, a dozen researchers, and 120 students, postdoctoral researchers and technicians.

The scientists hope to test the recovery and measure effects on patients – including those who have suffered strokes or eye disorders such as macular degeneration — who were treated with stem cells at other facilities.

The center includes an enclosed room for eye patients, so light can be strictly controlled, and a large, open room for patients treated for spinal injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s and other neuromotor diseases.

“You need a lot of space to allow them to walk, to measure their movement, test their recover,” Donovan said.

Scientists at the center will also keep track of a much-anticipated study: Geron Corp.  plans to begin one of the first Food and Drug Administration-approved embryonic stem-cell clinical trials on human spinal-cord patients.

The trial will be based on pioneering work by UC Irvine neurobiologist Hans Keirstead, who will also have an office in the new center.

Stem cells have the capacity to transform into a variety of cell types, potentially regenerating cells damaged by Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses.  They might also one day restore movement to limbs paralyzed by spinal injuries.

Even after President Barack Obama’s well-publicized lifting of Bush-era restrictions on stem-cell research, some restrictions on federal funding are still in effect, Donovan said.

So scientists must rely largely on state money – $27.2 million from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine – and on the donors.  They include Laguna Beach’s Sue and Bill Gross, who provided a $10 million gift that attracted more funding.

Large spaces in the center can be used not only for scientific meetings but for fundraising events.

Source: The Orange County Register
Pat Brennan

Walter Wainright of Haelan Research Foundation

Mr. Walter H. Wainright

Founder and Chief Counselor for Haelan Research Foundation, a United States Government approved 501(c) (3) Public Foundation.

Mr. Wainright, an honors graduate of Tulane University, is an internationally known lecturer with 17 years experience in researching the prevention and treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases with soy phytochemicals. Mr. Wainright’s research has received recognition by the National Cancer Institute (USA) and is currently being researched at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in the United States and several leading cancer centers in Europe. Mr. Wainright is collaborating with the Institute for molecular oncology in Recklinghausen, Germany on reversing DNA damage in cancer cells with soy phytochemicals. He has designed and completed clinical trials in Asia, Europe and the United States showing the human health benefits of dietary soy phytochemicals. His research and experience with humans documents the benefits of soy therapy for estrogen receptor positive breast, prostate and other cancers. Mr. Wainright’s research also addresses how the soy phytochemicals protect cancer patients from chemotherapy induced cell mutations, related toxicity, infections and anemia as well as enhanced cancer cell killing effectiveness 8-10 times greater than chemotherapy treatments by themselves.

Green Tea and Cancer


Green tea
Green tea may block cancer

Green tea’s ability to fight cancer is even more potent and varied than scientists suspected, research suggests.

Scientists already know that green tea contains anti-oxidants which may have a protective effect against cancer.

But now they have discovered that chemicals in the tea also shut down a key molecule which can play a significant role in the development of cancer.

It’s likely that the compounds in green tea act through many different pathways
Professor Thomas Gasiewicz

The molecule, known as the aryl hydrocarbon (AH) receptor, has the ability to activate genes – but not always in a positive way.

Tobacco smoke and dioxins, in particular, disrupt the functioning of the molecule and cause it to trigger potentially harmful gene activity.

The researchers, from Rochester University, found that two chemicals in green tea inhibit AH activity.

Similar compounds

Both chemicals are similar to compounds called flavonoids, which are found in broccoli, cabbage, grapes and red wine, and which are also known to help prevent cancer.

Researcher Professor Thomas Gasiewicz said: “Green tea may work differently than we thought to exert its anti-cancer activity.

“It’s likely that the compounds in green tea act through many different pathways.”

The Rochester team showed that the chemicals shut down the AH receptor in cancerous mouse cells.

Early results indicate the same is true in human cells.

However, the scientists say that the results in the laboratory do not necessarily translate to everyday life as the crucial factor is how green tea is broken down inside the body.

In addition, there are a lot of differences between various types of green tea.

Dr Julie Sharp, a science information office at Cancer Research UK, said: “This research describes additional properties of green tea that may be beneficial but which have yet to be tested properly.

“The causes of cancer are complex and both diet and our genetic make-up act together to influence our risk of developing the disease.

“Cancer Research UK is currently involved in a large-scale study of diet and health that is researching the eating habits of over half a million people in 10 European countries to try and help unravel this complexity.”

Research has also suggested that green tea may help to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and to lower cholesterol levels.

The research is published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Standing in Your Power: April, 2009 Workshops


If you are a CEO, sales executive, life coach, alternative health practitioner, business owner, media personality or anyone interested in exploring your potential and taking your talents to the next level… You are invited to experience the transformative series of workshops that are now being taught in corporate America and to individuals who share a set of beliefs concerning the effects of personal power, healing, eliminating limiting beliefs, and creating what you want for your highest good. 

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