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Sanoviv Medical Institute

A colleague of mine, John Thorp is involved with the Sanoviv Institute and suggested I look into what Sanoviv is doing.  Here is an informational video with Dr. Myron Wentz: 
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We are a cutting-edge Medical Facility with the look and feel of a five-star Hotel & Spa. Sanoviv Medical Institute is a cutting-edge healing center that offers integrative, patient-centered medical treatments. At Sanoviv, world-class medical technology is complemented by heart-felt personal care and attention.

Located south of San Diego, at a pristine ecological site in Baja California, Sanoviv provides a comfortable and clean environment, where guests receive functional medical therapies to invigorate their immune system and achieve wellness.


For anyone who wants to enjoy better health and a more vital life, whether suffering from a chronic degenerative illness or simply wanting to ensure continued good health, Sanoviv has a personalized program that is right for you. If you are currently suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sanoviv has the most advanced treatments. If you are currently living with prostate cancer, you should know that Sanoviv currently provides the latest in Prostate Cancer Treatment options available anywhere in the world.

Our team of specialists understands that there is nothing more important than finding the prostate cancer therapy or holistic cancer treatment that works best for you. Here at Sanoviv, we believe that you shouldn’t have to search too far to find world-class holistic health care. We fight disease through prevention and high-end diagnostics. Treating Chronic Degenerative Illnesses Promoting Healthy Aging Enhancing your Immune System Educating in Prevention & Wellness


Foods for Pain-Free Knees by Amy Gorin

Vitamin C can do more than boost your immunity.  Australian scientists recently discovered that the antioxidant found in produce like bell peppers, kiwifruit, tomatoes, and oranges also helps protect your knees against arthritis.

Researchers studied 293 middle-aged people who were free of knee pain.  Ten years later, their knee tissue was assessed with an MRI.  Those eating high amounts of vitamin C were less likely to have bone degeneration that leads to the development of knee osteoarthritis.  Researchers also found that other antioxidants, including letein and zeaxanthin (found in green veggies such as spinach), can protect against age-related wear and tear.