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Fibromyalgia Treatment Program Study

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic pain disorder characterized by widespread muscle pain and fatigue. Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscle, ligaments and tendons – the fibrous tissues in the body. Syndrome means a set of symptoms that occur together. FMS affects 3 to 6 million Americans, and is more common in women than men. Because the pain and symptoms of FMS are not visible, it may be under-diagnosed.

Often those who suffer from fibromyalgia describe generalized achiness and soreness in many areas of the body. Certain parts of the body can be more painful and the pain may move around. The pain can vary from day to day. The morning may be worse for many because of stiffness and poor sleep. The pain may be aggravated by various activities, emotional stress, and environmental stress. Some people may experience only mild discomfort while for others it may be completely disabling. Physical examination usually shows increased pain sensitivity in various locations.

 What is the Cause of Fibromyalgia?

The exact cause is currently unknown. The onset of FMS may follow an illness like the flu, a traumatic incident like an automobile accident or fall, or severe emotional stress. Abnormal brain chemistry levels may be present in FMS, although the cause of the abnormalities is not well understood. Because of the greater prevalence of FMS in women, the role of sex hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, is of considerable interest. However, at this time, very little is know about how sex hormones may influence pain and other symptoms of FMS.

 Other Symptoms

Fatigue is a major problem that can fluctuate in severity just like the pain. Over 90% of people with FMS complain of chronic fatigue and decreased endurance for physical activities. Poor sleep is another common problem reported by many fibromyalgia sufferers.

Other reported symptoms are: morning stiffness, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, frequent headaches (migraine and tension-type), irritable bowel syndrome, sensitivity to cold temperatures, facial pain such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and changes in mood such as depression and anxiety. Some people also report problems in concentration and memory and express a sense of “mental fogginess.”

 How Can You Help in Understanding the Factors that May be Linked to FMS?

Researchers from the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Utah are seeking individuals who are interested in participating in our Fibromyalgia Research Studies. If you are interested in participating in one of our Fibromyalgia research projects, please click on one of the links below.

 Symptom Monitoring and Sensory Sensitivity Project:

The purpose of this research project is to investigate how sensitivity to pain and symptoms vary across time in women with fibromyalgia. We are particularly interested in how sex hormones affect sensory and stress experiences in people who have fibromyalgia. The results of this study will help improve our understanding of the relationship between sensory sensitivity, female hormones and fibromyalgia. Better understanding of the underlying causes and conditions may help us develop optimal intervention options for people suffering from this debilitating pain disorder. Please click to see if you are a candidate for participation in this study.




 Treatment Program for Fibromyalgia:

The purpose of this research project is to investigate the efficacy of various non pharmaceutical methods for treating fibromyalgia. We are interested in which method will have the greatest response in conjunction with physical therapy. Please click to see if you are a candidate for participation in this study.




Ovarian Cancer Study: Haelan 951

A National Cancer Institute supported study found that the fermented soy product “Haelan 951” had “meaningful clinical activity” in a patient with advanced ovarian cancer.  This study from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found that this patient, whose cancer was worsening, had stable disease and no symptoms for nine months while on Haelan 951.

Below is the Chronology of Events:

March 2006 a 56 year old woman reports a one month history of fatigue, abdominal discomfort, constipation, and bloating. Her serum CA-125 level is 2323 IU/ml.

April 5, 2002 – exploratory laparotomy leads to an extensive surgery that includes partial tumor removal (debulking). After surgery, her CA-125 level is 756. The patient begins nine cycles of chemotherapy (gemcitabine/carboplatin, paclitaxel/carboplatin, adriamycin/topotecan).

November 2002 – chemotherapy is completed. Laparoscopy revealed multiple sites of peritoneal cancer.

April 2003 – she enrolls in a phase II trial of chemo drug called ecteinascidin 743.

November 2003 – she is removed from the study because her cancer is spreading. She takes herbal tea (Pau d’Arco) and her CA-125 goes from 171 to 477 in two months.

March 2004 – She begins consuming approximately 4 ounces of a fermented soy beverage (Haelan 951) once a day.

April 6, 2004 – her doctor’s evaluation finds no symptoms, GOG performance score of 0, and serum CA-125 under 311. CT scan shows stable disease.

August 2004 – CT scan shows minimal progression of retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

October 2004 – CT scan shows minimal progression of retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

December 2004 – CT scan shows minimal progression of retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

December 14, 2004 – evidence of rising CA-125, she resumes treatment with carboplatin and continues taking Haelan 951. The patient has “an excellent clinical response.”

The study concludes that “Pharmacokinetic studies of both the product and serum drawn from the patient shortly after ingestion support the hypothesis that high concentrations of isoflavones may have provided an anti-tumor effect.”

Haelan 951

Haelan 951 is a fermented soy product delivered in 8-oz bottles. The use of soybean derived foods in cancer prevention and treatment is based, in part, on the observation that the incidence of breast and prostate cancer is much lower in Southeast Asia where soy consumption is 20-fold higher then in developed countries. Preclinical studies suggest that active compounds in these dietary products are isoflavones such as genistein and daidzein which both have anti-cancer properties in vitro. In addition, genistein has been shown to inhibit the growth of various cancer cell lines in vivo without toxicity to normal cells. In comparison to common soy-based foods, the total amount of genistein and daidzein in four ounces of Haelan 951 is approximately two times greater than 100 grams of tofu and four times greater than 100 grams of soy milk.

More Information

The abstract of the study Prolonged stabilization of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer in a single patient consuming a fermented soy therapy. Gynecol Oncol. 2006 Jan;100(1):205-9 is available by clicking here.

For more information on Haelan 951 call 1-800-542-3526 or go to:

Walter Wainright Founder and Chief Counselor for Haelan Research Foundation, a United States Government approved 501(c) (3) Public Foundation. Mr. Wainright, an honors graduate of Tulane University, is an internationally known lecturer with 17 years experience in researching the prevention and treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases with soy phytochemicals.will be making a presentation at Alternative Medicine-Live! April 4-5, 2008. For more information, contact Alternative Medicine-Live! at 800-498-5640.

Quality of Life Study

Thank you for your interest in the Quality of Life Study. This research study aims to gather information on parameters such as energy, mood, efficacy and others. These will be tracked on a monthly basis in relation to the use of Poly-MVA.

Should you wish to participate in this Quality of Life Study, a number of benefits will be available to you. First of all, you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits thousands of people enjoy every day as a result of Poly-MVA. Secondly, for every month you are enrolled in the study you will be able to purchase Poly-MVA from AMARC Enterprises at a 50% discount.

If you would like to apply for this study, please download the complete application here. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free. If this is not possible, call us at 1-800-960-6760, let us know, and we will fax or mail the forms to you. Completed applications can be submitted by fax at 619-447-6501 or by mail to:

AMARC Enterprises
1339 Broadway
El Cajon, CA 92021.

If you have questions or would like further information on Poly-MVA or this study, please contact us at 1-800-960-6760.

Your participation in this research, in conjunction with others like yourself, will provide invaluable data and further insight into the use, safety and quality of life that Poly-MVA may provide.

Thank you very much for your commitment to support further research.


AMARC Enterprises Inc.

Posted by Derrick Walker  Alternative Medicine-Live!

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